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Reset Calibration

Hello I have been trying to figure out how to reset a servos default 90, my robot head turns almost 180 degrees to the right and 5 degrees to the left. I tried the screw, and re aligning but its clear the motor thinks its at 90 when its closer to 180. how do you reconfigure a servos set 90 position?

Log In

i dont know if its a bug but when i log in i stay at log in screen as if i did not log in and the only difference is i see my name where the log in button was, shoulder this redirect you to the home page or last page?

Support For Robot Brain?

After reading this article i felt this would be an excellent addition to your robots, hopefully it is easy to add and compatible but this could significantly increase functionality. here is a link to there home page So do...

Skipping Lines?

hello, i have been working to create a more complicated demo and am having some issues with it skipping between lines, i have found it will go from the middle of one action the the next, currently by adding sleep marks i have corrected many of these issues but i just wanted to make sure that the problem is in my inexperience programing for this...

Missing Items

Hello, I can not seem to find where you enter the servo tweaking configuration file so every time i try to connect directly with a tablet none of the commands work correctly as the robot always is reset to an alternate android configuration file and with the changes in tweaking the robot slips or jams depending on which instruction you give him i...

More Information On Features

would it be possible to get some more information on motion tracking and pandora, i would love to see a example script using these Examples im looking for are a motion tracking script where you can tell the robot to follow an item and it will and a video on the setup process for pandora also is there a way to pull one project into another so i can...
Dj Robot

Dj Robot

when the robot is doing head stands or push ups it seems to fall flat on his face when on a wood floor and this causes the head to slowly come off, and it eventually falls off and must be put back on...

Bug Report For ARC

I have found a bug in the windows program, it seems every time that i attempt to stop a script in the middle it becomes unresponsive and attempts to complete the script anyway, i have found any attempt to stop the robot using the stop button or to start a new command like calibrate causes the whole program to become unresponsive and requires me to...

Demo Question

the current demo seems to cut short and its hard to hear the final sentence, i just wanted to confirm its ment to stop half way through the song..? thank you Richard
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