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Strong Inexpensive Servos

I'm in the market to find cheap strong servos similar to mg995s. $40 for 5 is a little much. If anyone has ideas let me know!


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Seriously, pay the $40 for 5. You'll waste more than that if you opt for the "cheaper" options. This comes from experience.


$40 for 5 that are decent? That sounds super cheap to me. I'm used to paying $150 each for decent servos in the RC world.


I'm going to agree with Rich. While they weren't strong enough for my omnibot 2000. There perfect for Megabyte ( almost feel like over kill) $8 a servo is a great price for them. You won't regret the buy.


I must pay way too much for servos :). I usually do the power HD 1501 MG which are 20. I recommend ordering through they usually get the best of what is available in China , verses the clones of clones that burn out in ten minutes.


Since we are on the topic of servo's. What are the ones that you purchase at Hobby king. I am in the market for some good reliable ones to use with the EzB.