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Starting Out With Ezrobot Six And Basic Movements

So I built the robot and verified it is working, but I would like to know if there is a template out there for movement for SIX? I used the built in template in ARC for SIX and it does give me an image of it, then it shows you how to build it using recommended port numbers for the servos. I thought when I opened up an AutoPosition with Movement control it would have been preconfigured for basic movements. However the best I can tell I will need to setup frames for all the basic movement actions like forward, backward and turning. I have watched the tutorial videos and understand the setup of the frames and actions, but trying to figure out how to make the SIX walk will be painful for a beginner to hexapods.

If I'm missing something please let me know, otherwise does someone have a template I could use for these basic movements.

Thx Chris


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Yes there is. It's in the examples folder. However I believe you need the latest version of ARC (2014.09.09)

Click Open Click Examples Choose Six


Hi Rich, Thanks for the quick response, I did look at that example file before my post and didn't find anything, so I tried again and still only have 3 controls when it opens. The "Connection" control, a "EZ-robot" control, and the "notepad" control. I thought I may have overwrote this file by mistake during a save or something so I uninstalled and reinstalled ARC. I still have the same thing though, here is a screen shot of the six.ezb file once I first open it. User-inserted image

I opened up a Auto Position control and this is what it's actions show

User-inserted image

does your example contain frames for the actions?

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Are you using the latest version of ARC? As in the one that was updated yesterday/today (depending on time zone)?

The newest example contains the Auto Position Movement Panel which has actions for moving in all directions plus a few others.

It's not the one in the model template folder. It is in the examples folder. User-inserted image


The six.ezb in my examples folder has a lot more than that.

User-inserted image


When you go to search the examples, make sure you are clicking the examples button and not "my projects" button. The path should look similar to this. User-inserted image


Lol.. Me and Rich posting at the same time again :)



@Alan.... The problem is that you and Rich are just too freakishly smart.... :P


@Richard R, I am honored. Thanks.



Hi Guys, Thanks for the help, I had downloaded the version that was available on Sunday and thought it was the latest. I now have 2014.09.09 and it has the right stuff. However, I'm now getting an exception error when opening the six project. It looks to be associated with microphone control. The problem is that it won't load any of the controls past the one that crashes. So I don't get the movement control loaded up. I don't have a mic in my pc so I may see if this will load up on my little junk laptop and then save it without the mic control and open it back on the desktop. Here is the error in case you know how it can be resolved or if DJ sees it: User-inserted image

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Try merging a new project with the Six example.

Start a new project Click Merge (next to open) Select the Six project Click yes or no to importing the 3d model (it's up to you) Tick the box by Auto Position Click OK

The new project should have the Auto Position control added to it now.


I will give that a try, I was able to save the project on the laptop without the mic control and it will open on my desktop now. Just having fun with the new guy now :)


I have never heard of a computer without a mic after 2000.:) I will modify the ARC to check for mic existence


DJ you are the man, that is commitment. I just tried the new version and have no problem opening up the example project. Also, my desktop has a mic input, I just don't have one plugged into it. Used to use it back in the day before smartphones could run Skype.

User-inserted image

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You'll find DJ is on top of software updates and fires them out fast if it's something straight forward and he isn't up to his eyes in conferences etc.

Glad you've got this sorted now. Don't forget to mark the post as solved if you're satisfied with the solution :)


Hmm. thought I marked it as solved, I will do it again.