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Shipping Costs Query

Hello! DHL have added a $15 "handling" fee to my duty/tax bill for my order, is this right? I don't remember accepting this charge... maybe I missed something in the small print? confused


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Yes, I think you did miss some small print (during check out)... Some countries pay duties/handling and taxes on top of shipping fees. I wouldn't complain, I paid over $100 duties/taxes to DHL on a $500 ez robot order... And that's on top of the $35 shipping fee..


That's right, we don't collect import duties during the checkout. Its also nearly impossible to predict duty import taxes. What companies usually do is charge the highest rate and keep the difference - which isn't fair to you.

So during the checkout process on ezrobot, there's a checkbox that you must select to continue. That checkbox says you have read the shipping terms. The very first item in bold in the shipping terms is that taxes are not collected by ezrobot and you're responsible for them.

Also, if you never got charged important in the past, then you're lucky. There's actually many cases where import duties were simply ignored :)

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It's right, in fact that's pretty cheap.

When purchasing from outside of the UK you will be subject to import tax and duty plus any handling fees DHL (or whoever) add for their services to get through customs.

Presumably you knew the tax/duty part (if not, always bear in mind we need to add 20% VAT on top). Whoever deals with customs can also apply a fee. In this case DHL have added $15. That's not too bad to be honest since I've had handling fees of up to £25 in the past.

EZ-Robot do not apply this handling fee. If you feel the handling charge is too much then I would take it up with DHL.

FYI you don't need to accept the charge but if you don't accept it DHL have every right to dispose of the goods.

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Ok, that's all for clearing things up:) I wasn't questioning the actual duty/tax as I fully expected that, my query was related to the "handling" fee and whether I might be having my pants pulled down. Thanks @Rich for clarifying this is generally the case. As a private individual, apparently I can't pay UK customs directly, so DHL charged $15 to do it on my behalf. Here's the small print from DHL shipping terms: Import handling fees by DHL for import to UK: £1.25, or 2% of the import duty and taxes due, whichever is higher

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15 dollar is very cheap.i got the jd head and hands+two mini servo's today. i life in belgium 62 euro eek

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@Nomad, that would be taxes and duty also. The issue here is the "handling fee" i.e. the price the delivery company charge for paying the duty/tax upfront and filling in a little paperwork.

it's always been something I've disliked and attempted to argue many times. I don't see how it can cost so much to do so little but we are at the mercy of the couriers and there is no argument (believe me, I've tried).



indeed.in the begin it was also some 15 euro,in a few months later, almost trippled.i tried to ,no luck.

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I 'm waiting for my 2nd EZB controller to arrive, which I believe I ordered roughly at the same time as you, let's see what I get sting with by DHL handling charge! ??



I've been getting most of all stuff from Stemfinity. One time I got that DHL charge and contacted Stemfinity about it, and they took care of it. Additionally they took steps to make sure it didn't happen again. It was about a month before I got my stuff because it was dropped shipped directly from China and they were having problems making them fast enough at the time. Anyway, point is they absorbed the import charges.

Recently I have gotten some stuff from Brookstone, but only because of the great sale there are having on the Six unit and the few types of parts they carry. Their stuff is in stock so there isn't an issue on import charges.

EDIT: Also, Stemfinity orders over $99 qualify for free shipping.