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Anyone Using A Steam Controller?

Anyone Using A Steam Controller?

As the subject suggests really. Wondering if anyone has got any experience using Steam Contollers with the Builder or SDK? If not, let's start putting some...

Shipping Costs Query

Hello! DHL have added a $15 "handling" fee to my duty/tax bill for my order, is this right? I don't remember accepting this charge... maybe I missed something in the small print? *confused*

Black Friday Bulk Order (For Uk)

Short notice, but I'm going to place an order soon to take advantage of the 20% sale. If anyone from the UK wants to share P&P then let me know and I can make a bulk order. Cheers :)
Continuous Rotation Servo Powered Externally

Continuous Rotation Servo Powered Externally

Hello! So I've been battling with maths recently and trying to figure out the torque required to shift my robot. I've got some on...

Getcontrolvalue For Camerastart

Hello! I'm having a tinker with EZ Script and have a question about the GetControlValue function. Does anyone know if there is a GetControlValue for CameraStart? Ideally, I want to return a simple Boolean true or false if the camera status is started *confused* I was thinking something like this:

Faulty Servo - Fixed :)

Hello fellow EZ-roboteers! So this is just an information post, to share my experience with one of my modified servos that packed up yesterday. I was just about to take the plunge and hack a standard one to replace it but then thought "what the hell, I can't break something that isn't working" and got the tools out. After I removed the four screws...
Introducing. Me!

Introducing. Me!

Hello EZ-Robotiers! So my kit arrived today and I thought it is now the best time to say a quick greeting, pass on my initial observations and ask about an extremely minor issue. Me: So...

Moving An Led

I'm putting my board into a project box and I'm thinking a case mounted LED with some passive vents cut out to allow the voltage regulators to breathe. The best way I can think of doing this is to de-solder the LED, mount it to the box and re-solder jumper pins, then hook up wire from LED back to the board - that way I can easily open the box and...
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