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Sdk C# Help

Hi everyone,

I am new to the EZ-Robot community and I am trying my hands on my own EZ-Robot myself! I intend to program the robot (JD Humanoid) by using Visual Studio 2012, C#. As I had just started, I would like to know how would I be able to start off.

I would like to create a sequence of movements/interactions for my robot. i.e. Blinking of eyes > Speech > Movement of limbs

It would be nice if any of you can help by showing me several sample codes for me to reference with.:)

Thanks, Ms BeastStrong


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Welcome! Have you tried ARC yet? It's actually more powerful than the sdk when it comes to instant results. And your app will work on a mobile device too! The sdk is great for integration with custom robots that require advanced specialized requirements. But having a robot do the things you listed can be easily and reliably done with ARC.

ARC can do a lot more too! It's really really powerful.


Hey thanks a lot for the reply, appreciate it! So what you're saying is, for basic movements and actions, the ARC is more than capable of doing so is that right? But are there any ways of coding the robot's basic movements by using C#?

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You can use C# but to be honest it would be like reinventing the wheel. This is the main reason I haven't learned C# yet (I keep planning it but since ARC is very powerful and meets all of my requirements there's no point in using the SDK).

Why do you need to use C#? Is there anything specific that you need to be able to do which you believe C# is the way to go rather than using ARC?

Basic movements and action are a breeze in ARC. The Auto Position control along with scripts, servo controls, set digital controls, adc controls etc. (they are all there!) make control of a robot so simple yet doesn't lose any of the power required for advanced operations.

If you tell us what you plan to do overall we can advise if ARC is capable or if you would need C#. If it's only for basic movements and actions give ARC a go and see what you think.


Hi @BeastStrong as a long time programmer myself I can tell you if you are starting to learn C# and teaching yourself and hoping to use the SDK to help teach yourself you will likely find it to be a frustrating experience.

I would recommend to use the SDK for things the ARC software can not do. For example I'm using the SDK to create interfaces for my custom software ideas just like I did for "EZ-Face" which you can find in the projects section.

You should also understand the SDK is designed to work an EZ-B board. If you don't have an EZ-B board yet the SDK may not be very useful to you unless you are working on software to software interfaces like I created between my "EZ-Face" application and ARC.


Just my two cents...

I have been writing in C# for about 10 years now. I had similar ideas to you when I first started looking at EZ-Robot. I thought it would be great to control a robot via C# and the EZ-B hardware looked like the way to do it.

Well, I downloaded ARC and the SDK. I started looking at the SDK and it was cool. I then looked at ARC and thought, holy cow, this is powerful. I have built my robot in ARC.

I see using the SDK for something like taking variables in ARC and writing those to a database, or even interfacing with another application that does something outside of your robot. Some of this can already be done in ARC but could be more tightly integrated with the SDK. For example, I am grabbing rss feeds. These RSS feeds sometimes have garbage characters in them that cause the RSS reader in EZ-Robot to try to say them. Right now, I have a C# app that is called from ARC that goes out and grabs the feeds and scrubs them, and then drops them off as a text file. ARC grabs those files and then imports them into a variable. Then it reads the feed. I could have used the SDK to handle some of this, but it really wouldn't do anything other than what is already being done by ARC.

My suggestion is to get ARC and mess around with the scripts that are in there. It is crazy powerful and would handle what you need to do 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time, you could use the SDK or come up with a different solution that will solve the problem.


Hey thanks for the replies everyone, appreciate it!

If I encounter any problems, I'll post again!