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Screw Servo Idea.

so this is something I came up with a while ago(10 minutes). I think this could work for people who are needing to push/lift things with there robots.

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any questions just ask. I don't know what this could be made out of so any ideas welcome. I have no intentions of building this any time soon so if anyone wants to build a demo model go ahead.


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It might be faster to use a depleted underarm stick :).....but seriously @Technopro , your idea mechanically works, given space within a robot to move the entire servo and you would need to find a way to attach the servo gear to the bottom of the threaded rod. This is the forum to "throw out" ideas for others to comment on and evaluate pros and cons!


yes rich and irobot, basically the glue stick mod. except this is more durable and custom.


That's a great idea! I'll get our solidworks guy to make something like that for you


lol. this would be something cool to play with. If I was to make this, well, wall-e might loose an arm.


Cool , a piece to convert a continuous servo into a linear actuator is a great idea.


That about same idea i bought while back in another post @TECHNOPRO it looks very good,only need, a bottom and top switch for limits or linear pot for .

ALSO so one like it at a surplus company that was selling one like it,only using a motor and feedback pot. I don't know if you are still selling it.