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Regarding Connection And Control

Hi, I'm Gilbert from india.I have bought ez controller for my graduation project.I have doubt that the controller can be connect directly to our pc through usb cable? My project is about quadcopter can we connect the brushless motor to our controller without the speed control module or we have to use it? I'm requesting the ez organization to upload a video for how to connect the hardware and the software control even more briefly... My examination dates are getting close...please help me....


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Welcome to the forum. There are tutorials and videos in the learn section. Have fun!


As DJ said, look at the tutorials first, as this will provide much of the information you need.

The ez-b is a WiFi device, so it connects WIRELESSLY. It beats dragging a wire everywhere.

Brushless motors can only be driven by a speed controller in most cases. To use a speed controller, connect the receiver plug(servo like cable) into one of the ez-bs digital slots. The speed of the motor can then be controlled by the PWM control in ARC.

As for your quadcopter intentions, I would suggest the use of a quadcopter control board and have the ez-b work as an rc controller instead of being the stabilizer, as it may be a little slow for what is required to keep the quadcopter stable.


Anyone else find it interesting how many people entirely ignore the pamphlet insert, software tutorial prompts, email tutorial introductions from signup, emails tutorials from purchase, and the big learn link from the top of the website? Oh and how many times "requested assistance" is used even with a video that explains the tutorials and direct links to it.

I honestly don't know what else to do:). Where else can we put the link to tutorials? Should we put stickers on the ezb?


Hey @DJ while I agree with you and yes your learn section is very well done... However, remember when you were young (actually I still do it to this day) and you opened something new for the first time? You know the manual and inserts will be last to get any attention... LOL Human nature...

Heck even animal predators go for the good part of the kill first,,, just in case they get interrupted before finishing the meal...:P


dj you could do some thing like a first to do before you can acses the forum averyone has to read and check first the tutorials and then granted for forum.


DJ, do you notice how many times the people who think the EZ-B is a different variation of an Arduino type device are college students working on a deadline and asking the forum members to do all their work for them? I see a correlation.

That being said, I also think this goes back to the argument that a lot of people expect a device they buy to have a user manual and aren't understanding that the Learn section is the user manual.

I don't think I have any easy answers, just observations of where some of the problem originates....


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Maybe change the name of the "Learn" section to "User Manual". A quick fix, and might be more obvious th the newer members. But as you say DJ, there's plenty of reminders all around the place. Anyway, just a thought, although that will probably be overlooked as well, but maybe not as much.;)


Thanks everyone. I think the next step is to put a sticker on the ezb that needs to be removed which directs to the learn section for tutorials. The good news is the ratio of posts like is much smaller than purchases. So we have to expect a small percentage of these style posts. Would be great to prevent the struggle by really pushing the tutorials.

A clear sticker over the ezb might just be the the push to clear these inquiries.


Here is an idea...

When someone logs in for the first time or creates an account, have them go through a guided tutorial of what is in the website (specifically take them to How do robots work and then the learn section) prior to letting them access the community.

I think that this would at least force someone to realize that these items exist, even if they ignore them.

The community is such a huge and active part of the website, and people know that they can come to post a question because of past experience with either other websites or because they have lurked in the community forum before purchasing. I know that I did years ago. This option would at least nudge them in the direction that they should go first.


I agree, create an account, first link that opens should be how to get started or "User's Manual". This guy is from India and so must remember English is not everyone's primary language.