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Questions With ARC Ui

The buttons on ARC are cut off and a lot of the text is extremely small. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I'm using a 3200 x 1800 monitor which might be the cause.

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richard r is correct!



"Auto arrange new control" and "Auto open configuration after add"? How is that going adjust the size of the window?...

@Johnnybib... Just like regular windows... grab the border(s) with your mouse and resize the window to your liking.... There might be other ways, but one way is to reduce your screen resolution and that will increase the font size....


Johnny, now that is a resolution we have never tested with! I don't know anyone with a resolution that high:) We've never come across a user with that resolution before. It will take a bit before we have the time to tackle this for you, sadly.

It is added to the list :)


Are you using multiple monitors through display port or a 4d monitor?


I'm using my Lenovo Yoga 2 laptop, so only 1 monitor. Also there is no way to grab the borders of the control windows (Floor map, Add control, Script) to resize them. I have tried reducing the resolution. It makes everything larger, but the buttons are still cut off.


Johnny, some controls do not have the ability to be resized - which is on purpose. Again, adding support for dpi adjustment of that super high resolution is added to the list. We don't have the time to do it immediately because there are many other items on the list.

I imagine you deal with this issue often :)

It's on the list!


which model of Lenovo Yoga 2 laptop with13.3" FHD LED Backlit Multitouch (1920x1080)?



I have this model Yoga 2 Pro - 59428032 - Silver Gray

This is the lowest end model Yoga 2 Pro - 59428034 - Silver Gray There doesn't seem to be a model that doesn't have 3200x1800

More info here:


I think I would change the resolution to something that would be usable on a 13 inch screen. 1920X1080 would probably still be too small. I bet at 3200x1800 your text must be tiny on pretty much anything.


on my samsung 500t it has 11.6 screen, and i use 1024 x 768 and all works fine. in fact i just found a bug in ARC on hp display at 1920 x 1080. got to take screen shots...


:):):) :)


Thanks, that helped with text sizes in general on my computer, but it didn't help with ARC.


u could try zooming in like u would on an iphone.


I am soooo jealous. I wanted that combo laptop:D It looks very nice.


I figured it out! As TechnoPro said

  1. Open control panel.

2.Go to appearance and personalization

3.Select display.

then instead of changing text size do this:

  1. Check the "Let me choose choose one scaling level for all my displays" box

  2. Select a size based on whatever works

I used Larger - 150% which fixes the problem with the text being cut off. I had to turn down the resolution though because everything was tiny.

To adjust the resolution

  1. Open control panel.

2.Go to appearance and personalization

3.Select display.

  1. Select Screen Resolution

  2. Change the resolution to whatever works for you! (I changed it to 1920x1080)

(Doing this just to make it really easy because I hate when forum answers are vague)


It is now resolved. Thanks everybody!