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Im going to have to give that a shot. "It might be the computer I was looking for for my droid" - or something like that...


Yep. That's the newest one to the market. Need a decent power source though. It draws something like 3A I think?


3 amps is not much , assuming it is a 12 volt supply that is 36 watts. Using a DC supply that makes it way easier to retrofit into your project. Plus this guy is tiny. I may grab one for the power wheels project.


@Jayutmb I'm using a winbook as well! Works like a charm but I wish the battery life was better on mine


I guess I'm on the right track then for my inboard computer. I am going to use the tw802. The tw802 has official windows 8.1, intel baytrail quadcore proccessors,2gb Ram, 32gb memory ( most likely 16gb after booting), up to 64gb sd card slot, micro usb, full size 2.0 USB and micro hdmi in addition I am going to be using up 1tb of external samsung ssd's for memory along with a 64gb sd card as well with a google drive cloud server. But if the tw100 is better stats wise then I am going to use it, then hopefully that should be a great starting point for my robot omega.

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I have a Zotac Mini Pc coming in a few days to test out. It is so small it is hard to resist!


I thought I read last year that the Atom cpu was slow and may not run ARC well if you have lots of demanding chores for it to do. Has the Atom goten better?


Atom is just a brand , every year they come out with faster models with larger cache memory , now you can get them in quad and even octacore. The models from 2 years ago or so were single core 1.6ghz and would run ARC at the time, but ARC use to be 14 mb in size , it's grown over 60 mb in comparison now. This zotac zbox mini has a quad core 64bit 1.8ghz and I believe they can over clock themselves based on need up to 2.3ghz. So the newer atoms have much more gusto than precious versions. ARC should not pose a problem , if it does I would report it to the community.


Sweet, thanks Josh. Looking forward to your review. Push it till it chokes. Let's see what it can really do . If you can, hook up a couple ezb's and load them up.


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