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Asked — Edited

Pic Jd Backside

does any have a pic off jd backside whit ez-b4 in?


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I managed to get a clip of JD doing a push-up. It shows the back a bit.

User-inserted image
He's got back hair.... manly!
yes thats a good one thank you
wow dj thats awesome thank you
Now, what we need are Wireless servos to get rid of all the wires. Of course, then J.D. would not have any back hair. Then he would have to get in touch with his feminine side.

Seriously, D.J., do you think you could invent a wireless servo. It would make you filthy rich!
or you can cut off your beard and use that as hair haha
Wireless would be tough because electricity requires a conductive medium and air doesn't qualify:)

We do have a servo that is being designed similar to dynamixel, which will allow chaining them together. It makes the wires a little less prominent.

I really like wires though... Looks like a robot!
JD may just have the most glorious back hair I have ever witnessed:D
With all that back hair, maybe he needs a speedo and sandals with socks too?...:P
LOL, are you calling JD a hippy?:D
dj the pic you chowe is a c-type robot.its not excactly what i need but you just solved a problem.
i found finally the size i was looking for.the size between the legs if i make him turning legs.
i have some 3 parts i will let be printed and tested.then i will posted and iff averyones ok whit it,
i post the stl files on ez cloud for averyone..jd original and jd-b (big).