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Patches' Plight

I know not robot related unless we can officially make Patches the official ez robot mascot.... Ha, Ha... EZ Patches...
I just wanted to start my own thread and stop hijacking other peoples threads...

Patches is now scheduled for surgery this Friday.... I am going to spring for some really good pain killer drugs for him... That boy is going to be flying... Anyway, thanks so much to you guys for support.... I'll update this thread on Friday or Saturday when he gets home....

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No go for surgery this Friday... He is FIV positive so the vets want to give him more time to get stronger before surgery... Currently they are debating whether to split the surgeries into 2.. One for neutering and a second for the dental...... Friday may possibly be just for neutering... They said one long surgery may stress him out as his immune system in a little compromised by the FIV
@pacowang, Wow, what an amazing bird! I had no idea it even existed. I'm blown away at how it can hide in plain sight. I found this Youtube vid on it:

Do you actually have one your trying to find a home for? Sounds like their native home is down in the rain forests of Brazil.
@Dave S, Nah, just saw this guy one day and lost it:) I had a drug addicted parrot but that's a whole other story:)
Kevin hopes that his Canadian brethren is doing well and comes though his surgery OK.

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Thanks Jerry... I feel like singing Soft Kitty to Kevin....:)
Update on Patches....
$1700 later (worth every penny).... Surgery went well and he's recovering comfortably at home. He's our tough boy. Two upper broken canines were removed along with some root work done on at least 4 other teeth... He also had 5 missing teeth probably due to simple survival or fighting with other males. Now he can live the good life finally. We have a temporary home but are still working on finding his forever home.
Patches thanks you for your help. Sorry about the upside down pic!

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United Kingdom
Great to hear it all went well. I've been following this one but so far haven't had reason to chime in since I don't have any pets (to my disappointment - it wouldn't be fair on them since I'd have to often leave them home alone).
Thanks Rich... If you did get a cat he could entertain Melvin and give Jarvis a few fits....:P He is pretty looped on pain meds... He is so used to not having much food he scarfed down half a can of Friskies just now in spite of the pain he must be feeling in his mouth... He's tough and a really affectionate little cat...
United Kingdom

That has just made my day to hear that. I was just going to bed and thought I'd have a quick forum look before I did, and saw "Patches plight" had been updated. He certainly is a strong ol fella that's for sure. Again, I'm SOOO happy to hear the surgery went well, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Thanks for the update mate. I'm really pleased for Sue and yourself. :D
@Richard R
Good to hear Patches is fine. I also had expensive surgery done on my buddy tabby cat called boba fett...he was my bud for 14 years...he passed on 2 years ago. He was also a stray, just like my 2 other pets Dirty Sanchez (chihuahua/pomeranian) and Lothar (american shorthair cat)

I feel you man! Do what I do, Don't shave and brush your hair in the dark... :D

I am glad to hear he came through OK. He certainly is a tough little guy,
Thanks everyone.... Just given him more pain meds so he should be all out of it for a while....:)

Once there was a farm at the edge of town. There where Silos at the farm. In one of the Silos there was a cat that lived eating the mice from the grain storage bin. He had an easy life except for a dog that lived there. Every day at the same time the dog would harass and chase the cat. I would frequent the farm on many occasions. It seemed on the outside like the cat and dog were simply playing a game. Then one day, tragedy struck. The cat got ran over by an 18 wheeler. The owner rushed the cat to a hospital and a few days later, the cat came back and was on the scene. It really looked BAD. It was partially shaven about 30% of it's body and had Stitches all over, maybe a hundred of them.
Anyway, the cat was standing there and the dog came at his usual time to harass and play with the cat. The second the dog came within the boundary of the cat, THAT CAT LIKED TO HAVE KILLED THAT DOG! He opened up a can of Beat-em-UP.
I was there and was a witness. I don't think that bully dog will go NEAR that cat again.

I LOVE dogs! and you could say I am a DOG person. But, Cats really live up to their nine lives saying. CATS ARE Tough!

User-inserted image

She love my desk:) . More of a dog person, but my daughter cat.
Any day I am working from home or otherwise spending time at my desk, my cat also sits on the desk. Often with her head resting on my mouse hand. Looks a lot like yours too.

She also loves Roli ever since I mounted a laser diode next to the camera. She comes running and cries hello every time I power it up (and she hardly ever talks otherwise) and she often sleeps on the floor in front of it.

I have a cat named Lilac. I don't have any pics at the moment, but I will soon! These are some cute pets! They're all so cute!
@PJ_Dtechy She's purrrfect... LOL... Patches usually sits in my lap while I am at the computer.... I can't get anything do these days... LOL
Here are a couple of picture of our Yukiko (Snow Girl in Japanese, we brought her home on the evening before the largest mid-Atlantic snowstorm in decades a few years ago).

A few months after we brought her home I was in the attic fixing the exhaust fan and my foot slipped off the joist and I fell through the ceiling of the bathroom below. By the time I had cleaned up the mess, she managed to eat a piece of drywall and wound up with an intestinal blockage. $1500 of surgery later, and she is just fine.....

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@Alan.... You are giving her a great life....Good on ya'
United Kingdom

I have to agree with Richard. Good on you. She is a pretty girl with a great name. Love the photos.