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Our Robot Workshops - What'S Yours Like ?

Thought an insight into our different workshops would be fun. My wife Kimbra has been nice enough to have me relegated to our spare room called "The Computer Room". In this room I do just about everything for robotics except saw metal. I seem to be always vacuuming up shards of solder , plastic and Metal. User-inserted image


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For storage I use color coded boxes - red electronic parts, yellow tools, blue for batteries and battery holders and a large plastic container for all my robot parts, wheels etc User-inserted image


I don't know about my fellow robot makers out there but my biggest problem in the fever pitch of a build is finding things - screwdrivers, solder, gluegun, multimeter etc (once I spent half an hour trying to find my electric drill that was plugged in on the floor in the middle of the room). I found it by stubbing my toe on it.


that's a nice work bench! looks like you dedicated a room to it:) smart

I found that you can't have enough tables and shelves. Shelving units from walmart (cheap plastic kind) work well. If you look at my videos, i'm surrounded by plastic shelving lol.

For keeping tools handy, i lay them out in a row next to where i sit. They start to get messy, but i'm very organized and discipline myself to fix the mess every so often :)


No basements in Los Angeles, so here is my garage shop space (quick panorama). I share this robot space with all my make up effects equipment, so its tight in there!


User-inserted image


Here is my cluttered garage workspace.

View to the right. User-inserted image

View to the left. Projects: R2's Dome, Robosapien V1, Wall-E, Omnibot-1, Omnibot-2 User-inserted image

Here is a pic of my HIC project. Just need some good weather so I can finish sanding and paint. User-inserted image


No workshop for me. Just a corner of my bedroom and a desk. I've got to keep my inventory light as I will eventually have to ship it all back to the USA when Im done here. Heavy tools+extra parts=expensive shipping.


Same here, I use part of my home office and i go outside in back patio for dremeling/gluing/drilling/etc.


I just try and dremel into a large box to contain the mess. It still gets everywhere if I use the cutting drill bit instead of the cutting disk.


Great workshops guys, I wish I had half the tools you have - like DJ, I try to make it a habit of keeping things tidy. I vacuum the room after a build so the kids don't get bits of plastic, tin and solder flakes stuck in their feet. I came across a pic of the famouse inventor Thomas Edisons workshop. - WOW - He must have had a team of people putting things back and keeping it tidy.

User-inserted image


User-inserted image The man kitchen

User-inserted image Just a kitchen / dining room and my dual desks in my room. I really don't do much in the room though.


Cool setup jstarne1 - I wish I had a beer fridge and a servant robot in the room. I think the key is to be comfortable, be able to find things when you need them and have a robot bring you refreshments. Fat chance I'm ever going to achieve my last 2 wishes.


I actually made a video of mine a couple of months ago:

It was really dark when i recorded the video, here are some better pictures:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Mine is a desk in the corner of the bedroom, however I do have my garage for the messy bits.


Hey Niek, cool set-up, I think these workshops illustrate we are all a bunch of frustrated mad scientists but who knows, the ultimate Robot may not be far away...I think it was Windston Churchill who said "Give me the tools and I'll finish the job". I'm really only speaking for myself about the mad scientist