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And this is a nice 12 bit servo driver

The servo driver is not new. We have a few threads.

Regarding the Arduino "Portenta" Wonders, the marketing video is cool, I don't like the price $99:) 

They are competing in different segments, for example with $99 you can get NVIDIA Nano, of course is not a controller.
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Ptp beat me to it.... yawn*cool*

@fxrtst... Maybe you could buy one and show us what it can do?.....:p
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Boo.. hiss... party poopers. My gawd its been so quiet and boring around here...I tried to make a post hoping it would get a discussion going.....I quit...going back to sleep...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:(.

We've all just become a pile of moaning beta testers. Feels more like Mad Max than Blade Runner around here.
Oh will, you got the convo going:)

I think someone should make an EZB firmware for it. And because it can connect to Arc, then you can combine the power of both things. 

I just don’t know what anyone would want a stand-alone controller for without the power of a pc;) and of course Arc!
Will - Did you not see the new section with all the new home build projects. It’s the link in the lower left. Check out the ARC powered full size AT-AT right below the story about the Pandorabot plugin beating Ken Jennings at Jeopardy.
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@perry_S What is the new section called  can't see the link, lower left.  Oh No Nally Cat is back, after several weeks in the Caribbean. and nobody missed me.
I was joking.

And I missed you...
@Perry_S  Delayed laughing I was hoping it was real.  I missed you all. and I missed my robots.
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@Mickey666Maus   Thanks it is snowing here and cold so I can't say it is totally great to be back.  How did you know I like pirates of the Carribean.  I built a 38 inch model of the black pearl ship. scratch built the hull parts, laser cut on my 40 watt co2 laser, and other parts and case machined on my CNC router, and all the decorations and stand and skulls printed on my 3D printer. I painted the background painting in oils, the ocean at night.  a winter project.   User-inserted image
Looks great!! Makes me wanna go to the Carribean too!!:D
Nally - I just returned from Cuba. Not nearly as suave, but warmer than Calgary anyway:)
@Mickey666Maus  Next time I go to the Caribbean I will go longer or take a later date so when I come back home there will be no snow.  snow and cold is depressing. you would love the Carribbean  white beaches, turquoise ocean, palm trees blue skies and very sunny. what more could you want. The only bad thing was our Canadian A-hole of a prime minister was there. on his 23 vacation this year. he never works.
@DJ Sures.  LOL anything would be warmer then Calgary.