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The offset is specific to your robot and no one elses. Because each of the servos may not be perfectly aligned, the servos will need to be calibrated.

To calibrate the servos:

  1. Lie JD down on his back

  2. Connect ARC to JD

  3. Load the JD Project

  4. Load the servo Fine Tune Configurator

  5. Keep the "position" at 90 for all servos. Never change that.

  6. Use the + and - for each of the JD servos to align the lever to be perfectly flush with the servo housing. This is the 90 degree position. The edge of the lever must be parallel with the edge of the servo.

  7. Each servo used in JD is described on the right of the servo Fine Tune window.

  8. Once the servos are all aligned to be 90 degrees, press the SAVE button and give your configuration a filename (such as JD 1)

From this point forward, every time you load JD, it will ask you for the servo Configuration.

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I had to set up a few offsets on my JD last night but mainly for the legs (he was having a hard time walking) however in my haste I didn't hit the save button so I guess I'll be doing it again when I get another chance to play with him.


rich, once you have the legs calibrated, could you share a screenshot of it with me? i'm curious to see what the servo offsets are for some robots.


i try it.but it get worse.he trows his arms backwarts.

left schoulder makes loud noise and gets hot


I'll make a video for you today that shows how to calibrate the servos


thank you dj.

may the calibration go up to 80 orso?

here's a pic

User-inserted image


@nomad... Why did you set the offsets so high for D4, D7 and D9? D4 and D7 are JD's shoulders.... Maybe that's why he is "throwing his arms back"?


thatt was my question.i know from bioloid its only 10%. how does jd stand?

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The arms should be straight down when he is standing still. This is one side of the servo movement. Moving 180 positions should put the arms straight up. An offset of 99 would indicate you have the arms attached incorrectly and they need rotating 90 degrees


@Nomad.... See DJ's post (#2). Reset everything back to 90 with 0 offset and start again.... I always calibrate my servos to 90 before I even attach them to brackets or mounts... This is so I have adequate travel in both directions...


batt needs to be charged. thats means the grippers has to come off,then calibrate and put them back on. so value stays low.?


Yes, assemble JD (in standing position) with all the servos as close to 90 as possible... Then tweak later using offsets... I would say set the claw half open with the servo value at 90. That way it can close or fully open equally...

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Follow the assembly instructions, pay attention to the orientation of each part, connect them to the correct ports as stated, leave all calibration values at 90 and fine tune any servos which do not sit centre.

There is no need to take anything off to calibrate anything else. Do not over complicate things, just follow the instructions.


sofar the ugly sound is out the schoulders.

problem is some servo's are way off center.hands&schoulder. i had to reposition them to keep a low value. i think am almost there.


@Nomad..... Good thing those servos are only $12... As Rich said... go back and follow the instructions step by step...


yeach really cute cheap robot.sofar am impressed by the servo,not getting hot. i have printed all on paper.fingers crossed.


when you save the calibration,is that saved to in jd?

can i calibrate one servo at the time.?


No, nothing gets saved to the ezb4 (except server/network info... as in what mode it's in, password etc)... Everything is saved on your PC.... For servo positions this is the servo configuration file... You can save more than one config file. You can load any config file you want when you open you JD or any other project....


is it first open ARC then power on jd? he still have the spastik move


Not that I am technical by any means, but on my demo unit I had a similar issue. Can someone give nomad better guidance on checking that the init script is "stand"?


I don't think it is his init settings... If the servos are all set to 90 his robot should more or less resemble a standing JD... He can tweak the offsets from there to get JD standing straight with his arms to his side... I think it might be the way he assembled JD...

On another note, when you first apply power to servos they sometimes act erratically until a position command is sent to them... Maybe that's what he is referring to "spastic"?

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I'm about to recalibrate my JD. I'll post something clear, easy to follow and complete shortly.


That would be awesome Rich... I am now seriously considering buying a JD...:)

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To calibrate JD (or any other robot for that but JD is used in this example) follow the following steps, in this order;

  1. Open ARC

  2. Click Open to open your project, find your project and open it

    User-inserted image

  3. Click on the Configure button under servo Profile

    User-inserted image

  4. Leave all Calibrate Positions set to 90

    User-inserted image

  5. Adjust each Offset, one by one, until the servo holds the bracket or part in to the centre position.

    User-inserted image

  6. Once done click on Save, name the file and click on Save

    User-inserted image

  7. Next time you open the project file you will be prompted for a servo Profile file (this is selectable at the bottom of the open dialogue)

    User-inserted image

User-inserted image

  1. Select the correct profile and click Open

    User-inserted image

  2. Your robot is now correctly calibrated as per the servo Profile chosen.

The difference a correctly calibrated JD makes is from this;

User-inserted image

to this;

User-inserted image

As requested by @DJ Sures, here is my servo calibration profile.

User-inserted image


@Rich... Question... When your adjusting the offsets, does it adjust JD's servos in real time?

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Yes (which makes it easier!). However, and this is possibly something for DJ, it seemed to only update position every 2 positions. Either way it's really easy to calibrate.


@Rich... That's what I figured, just wanted to make sure... Makes sense, too...

Thanks Richard


i do excacly like time i power jd on he's back spastik. the pic is when i power on jd.when i connect in ARC,it gets worse.

User-inserted image

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When you power it on it will move all servos a little, this is normal for any servo and any controller. Upon connection the init script sets the Movement Panel to "Stop" which makes JD stand up.


@Nomad... Your servos are not aligned in the brackets properly...

@Rich... Do the servos come pre-installed in the white brackets or does the user have to put the servos in the brackets themselves? If the user has to install the servos into the white brackets, then this has to be Nomad's problem... He never centred the servos first....


@nomad... Can you post a picture of your JD connected to ARC with all the servos set at 90?....


well then i have a problem.when i open ARC he shows the init script. i click open and connect jd ,he doesn take the pose off the init.


Just set all JDs servos to 90 (no offsets) and let us see what he looks like when you connect to him in ARC....

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  1. Are you using the latest version of ARC and the latest JD example project?
  2. Have you modified the JD project in any way?

@Richard, the brackets are preinstalled (hence the requirement for calibration).


ok i make a pic connected to pc.

the brackets where on the servo allreddy mounted. and my exsperiance tell ,do the offset whithout the brackets.


@Rich... Thanks for that.... Then I guess Nomad is just not using the software correctly?.... I don't have anything else to suggest @Nomad, sorry....

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Leave the brackets.

Do the offset on an assembled robot


rr i like anest uploading a video. for the first time the ARC gifs an error.cant fint init pose.

User-inserted image

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nomad, post your project file, I suspect you are missing some Auto Position frames and actions.

Either that or; Open the example JD file Calibrate your JD using the example project Save the servo profile Test the JD movements by trying each action in the Auto Position movement panel Open your JD project Load the calibration servo profile made using the example JD project


am using the one from dj.

User-inserted image

can this be a problem,see pic

ok i look for it


@Nomad, maybe you should just open a new JD project and start all over again....

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Again, either post your project or use the example one as a base to sort out the offset.

Personally I would say to use the example JD project which is installed with the latest version of ARC and use that as a base for anything extra you want to add but don't delete anything from it


i just try excample jd.when i connet its very bad.trow arms backwarts, and pull out the ez-b4 how do i post my project here?

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The arms shouldn't go backwards, if they do you haven't fitted them properly. Make sure all parts are fitted as the assembly instructions and pay careful attention to which way around parts are fitted. The two shoulder servos are a little tricky, just make sure that one extreme of the servo the arm points down, the other extreme it points up and at centre it points forward.

I cannot offer any further advice or help than this, we have requested you try the example project, we have requested you check assembly, both on multiple occasions.


ok rich i understand. thanks for trying


Are both arms thrown backwards? Can you remove the arms and put them back so that they are down at JD's side?... As I mentioned earlier, this may mean removing them from their brackets and repositioning them so his arms are in the right place... Before you do this make sure all servos are positioned at 90... @Rich, I know you mentioned he shouldn't have to do this, but I am still thinking he assembled JD incorrectly or the servos were installed in the brackets so that when they centre they are at an incorrect angle...


I too am having problems along these lines with alignment and will patiently watch the outcome of this thread.

I have also a number of other issues, such as a head serve doesn't move the head up and down, testing with other ports indicated that the cervo is dead.

The spastic movement of the cervo's when it powers on does seem normal, but at the same time even after calibration in my project the robot fails to walk properly. or do the other programmed commands properly.

On top of that I have a burning smell coming from it, and loud cervo noise that will not go away once the software connects to him. (no noise before software connects)

The claws with no amount of calibration will ever close, they aways want to open wider and crush up against the arms.

Richard R has been asking this, the brackets come assembled onto the cervo. has anyone taken it apart and tried to adjust the cervo physically by replacement of the bracket to the curve assembly.

It seems to to me that there maybe an assembly problem at factory, and was wondering if anyone has tried to physical repositioning to correct this. (before I dive into that myself).

Also; is that burning smell normal? its very pronounced.


i removed averything from ARC and install it back.huge diff. then as you say i lay the arm beside jd.and connect.i didd a calibration off one foot. to see if he remembers it.disconnec&connect again and he did rememmber his foot. so i adjust all brackets when he's connected,and sofar he stands almost perfect. he's now batt charging.i bin doing all day offsets,include bioloid c-type. jd is just some cases like my cheap pc you have to remove the brackets, while he's connected and reposition looks very good,soon test original poses, dj has made.i know for sure the brackets has to comes off,the horn or axel must move, freelee.if you dont do that,the serov's getting rapidly very hot.if they are not standing, in free rest position and you have to do a pose the servo has twice as much work, bioloid chuts down the servo in minites.i did weeks offsets from bioloid.

rr thank you


here an update.ID-18 / ID-2 / ID-3

dont hold there position as written on the calibration page.

i would say tree bad servo's

ps dj if you read this, plzz your idea


looks like the ARC dont read the calibration page.i have to adjust avery time i connect jd.


if you save the calibrations after you get it set, it will start prompting you for which calibration file you want to load when you load an ARC project.


hi D

yes ARC load the calibration page,but jd keeps spastik when turn on. he is not spatik when i connect to ARC cause i made one off my own. the ecample from dj works bad for i have to get jd in good possition by just turn him on.

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Nomad, I provided you with a step by step guide on how to calibrate JD, how to save the servo profile and how to prompt when project open to choose a profile. Nobody can do any more that that to show you what you must do.

I have also provided you with an explanation to the servo movements when powering on, this has nothing to do with ARC, it has nothing to do with the EZ-B it is due to the servos moving slightly when powered on, this is the same for all servos, all controllers, all software.

The example JD project is the same for everyone. It works perfectly fine. I have been using it for the last few days without any issue what so ever.


rich here it doesn .why .jd does lot more then little move. he pulls his ezb- out. i exsplained also many times ,the problem is jd doesn pose like the calibration page. i have to reset avery time i connect. iff there nothing anybody can do !well then its over for me. its not normal when i turn on jd averything flying arround. also the ezb4 doesn click in the housing,the connection falls out . all make a last post,then its goodby mad

United Kingdom

Why does the EZ-B get pulled out? The servo wires are plenty long enough on everything other than the grippers, which require the 2 servo extensions provided to be used too.

Can you post a video of what happens when you power on JD? Also some photos of JD connected up could help to make sure the wires aren't tangled up, pulled short or connected incorrectly.

Your project file would also be handy si I can check you haven't altered something important that may be causing problems.

If you are using ARC correctly and following the images I posted JD should pose correctly when connected to unless you have altered the init script, the connection settings or the "Stop" auto position. If he doesn't after each time you open the project make sure you are also opening the correct servo profile when prompted (if not prompted make sure you tick the box on the open project dialogue to prompt for a servo profile).


rich this topic about the callibration.then.

he pulled out his ezb4 cause the arms went backwarts and inwarts D8/D5 . anyway i know all anwers tonight.


United Kingdom

Complete all of the tutorials. You can do these before you sort out your network issue, you do not need the robot working to read through and understand the steps involved.

There are tutorials for the calibration but also one specifically for connecting to JD which has some very important information in it.

Complete all of the tutorials, then attempt the physical calibration. Become familiar with the processes involved before carrying them out.


@Nomad... His arms went backwards and inwards because you haven't calibrated JD's servos yet...


rr yes i know it now.


The Access Point is installed for Patrick.

Both of his EZ-B's are connecting to his network now.

He has control of his access point to make changes now.

The Access point is set to find a clear channel or move to a clear channel daily to avoid issues with others in his apartment complex.

The AP antenna is more than strong enough to win these conflicts, but just in case it isn't at some point it will move if needed.

His laptop and desktop are now connecting to the EZ-B's without any issues or disconnects.

His android is now able to connect to his network and the EZ-B's over his network.

He is starting the physical calibration of his servos after walking him through how to do this.

I will work with him on Saturday if he likes to get his JD fully calibrated.

From a network standpoint, he should be all fixed up. DJ, this solved the issue with the other EZ-B too. No replacement needed.


@d.cochran, you are a gentleman and a scholar, and my new hero.



David's the man!


@Alan I believe the right term is "steely eyed missile man" ... @d.cochran there is a collective sigh of relief... way to go dude...:)

Now if we can only get @Nomad to finish his tutorials then a true miracle can take place....:P



its amazing to see how you know all this.and your voice is very plezant. i injoy it avery second.extremly are my hero to.

thank you thank you thank you


david show me what the tutorials is all about.especially the calibration. the miracle will soon taken place.



Ok @Nomad.... can't wait for your video of JD dancing to YMCA....:)



am doing the callibration now,and found the problem. his left ankle was only 1 degree insteadt off the 90 degree.

United Kingdom

That wasn't the problem... keep calibrating, keep going through the lessons, get JD set up correctly, assembled correctly and connected to correctly. The rest will be simple.


Patrick, Rich is right. Make sure all of them, especially the shoulders are physically at 90 the way I showed you.

once that is done, continue down the tutorials. We can get him calibrated tomorrow at 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm your time if you would like.


hi d.cohran

yes i would like that.sofar problem whit choulder and D81D5

aldo he did say i am jd


d.cochran, The help you are providing Nomad is amazing, even helping him on the phone! So many people want to see him succeed. Thank you


I started my IT career about 24 years ago as a phone tech when there were many different network systems (lantastic, novel, mosas to name a few). This was working with medical offices who had no IT personnel and used our software. We were their IT department and there wasn't any piece of equipment that they would bring into their office that we wouldn't help them with, even though all we sold them was their claims software. I learned a great deal about troubleshooting issues from a man who was willing to take a chance on an oddly dressed poor man who worked on a farm south of Dallas TX in the evenings for a place to live. I am very thankful for that experience and for the man who gave me a chance. I got to help him out a few years later when I got him a job in Oklahoma City. Anyway, our previous experiences help us to help others. I like that about life. I am seriously just happy that I can help where I can. It is what makes the world go round more smoothly.

Thanks for all of the kind words but many people help others on this forum every day. It makes this community something special. I am glad to be a part of it and love seeing all of the help people get on this forum. Thanks to all!


rr the batt is charging,then i do the choulders.thank you

steve if i made an outburst here in belgium like i did here on the forum, they would kick my A... up to china and make fun off me for the rest off my life. not here ,here they say lets pull a little harder on his ear so he will learn.

david ,love these stories.its very familiar for me.many choose for the money, insteadt off friendchip and respect.


@Nomad... Speaking of learning... Why won't you finish the tutorials?... Do we need to tug harder on your ear?:P

Your battery is charging, now go finish the tutorials before I come over there and kick your a**.... :P


dont kick to hard i may not jump,haha seeya later.fingers cross.;)

United Kingdom

If I see any more questions about calibration of servos before you have marked the lessons as being complete I'm not going to say anything more than "finish the lessons". They are as important, if not more important, than assembling JD!

Get them done, get them marked as done and you'll make everyone's attempts at helping you that much easier.

Calibration of JD is a required step. Completing the lessons is required before attempting calibration. If you fail to complete the lessons and then complain about JD not working correctly you know the answer you will get! In the 30 minutes since replying to Richard you could have finished all lessons for JD. It shows you have not done any more other than 3 which are not as important as the ones we have been begging you to complete for days!



david and me will do this saterday if he can.i understand they are important. as easy it may looks i cant do it.


@Nomad... You can do the tutorials more than once you know...You can do them now and then on Saturday review them with d.cochran... This way you will have a better understanding when he goes through it with you....

United Kingdom

I've done some of the lessons two or three times now. There is no limit on how many times or how often you can do the lessons.

The more you do them the better you will understand them.

Do them now, without carrying out the actual practical side of things. Understand what is required, what you will need and what you will need to do. Then, when you are confident that you know what you are doing follow the same lessons and do the practical part at the same time.

I think I read the calibration lessons twice before even attempting it. It was only yesterday that I first tried calibrating the correct way (before then I was fine tuning which is missing the most important steps).

If you go through them now you can see in advance any parts which you may not understand and be ready to ask questions when you go through it with @d.cochran.



i just try it but i lost the webpage.cant find it back

United Kingdom

confused You lost what webpage? The lessons? Are you saying you lost the whole Learn section?


@Nomad... Do you not understand the biggest reason you can't get JD working is because you refuse to do the tutorials? You know, d.cochran may not always be able to help you. Eventually you are going to have to do this stuff by yourself... Also eventually everyone else may stop helping you because you won't help yourself....


in the tutorial say pic4 connect to web,it stop connecting. i dont no why.aslong i dont understand the tutorial ,i can set it as complete. and yes rr there will be a time no one wil help.i hope then i can do it myself. surtenly its not cause am refusing.but dont get you hopes up. i know will be a miracle if i can understand it.


Oh Lord help @Nomad... you had all your connection problems fixed last night with d.cochran, remember? Why can't you connect now? We're all going in circles here Patrick....

United Kingdom

And that's why you should have gone through the lesson sooner. We can help you on any step you are stuck with. Until now we did not know step 4 was a problem for you.

Step 4 actually says to connect to the WiFi connection transmitted by the EZ-B.

User-inserted image

Which part of this are you struggling with? Does the EZ-B not show up? Can you connect to it or does it give an error on connection? Have you changed any settings on the EZ-B? If so, have you reset the EZ-B? (I suggest you do that lesson first since you are not yet capable of following the lever servo calibration lesson).

You understanding it is not difficult. But we cannot read your mind. You have to tell us what steps you are stuck on and why. Be precise and be as clear as you can be.


@Nomad... Post #63 d.cochran said...


"The Access Point is installed for Patrick.

Both of his EZ-B's are connecting to his network now."


@Rich Look at his post #69... Nomad claims he was already doing the calibration... Question is if he still can't connect how could he be doing the calibration?....

United Kingdom

Thanks (recently I've not been able to catch up with all posts so do miss a few and do forget a few things I have read).

If your EZ-B is in Client Mode (and I suspect they are) the lesson cannot be followed exactly. The lesson is for the EZ-B in AP mode. The connection method for each differs a lot.

Nomad, can you confirm which mode your EZ-B is in, AP mode or Client Mode? If it is in Client Mode please let me know the IP address assigned to the EZ-B

We need this information in order to help you. Without it we cannot advise on how to reach Step 7.

@Richard, I know, I know... One final attempt and hopefully this time he follows instruction to the letter.


rich yes that one.i dont know why it doesn connect no more. rr i did try thismorning the calibration,but had to charge the batt,after that i couldn connect.

United Kingdom

Nomad, you did not answer my questions clearly or precisely. Nobody is able to help you until you answer the simple questions I have just asked.


If your EZ-B is in Client Mode (and I suspect they are) the lesson cannot be followed exactly. The lesson is for the EZ-B in AP mode. The connection method for each differs a lot.

Nomad, can you confirm which mode your EZ-B is in, AP mode or Client Mode? If it is in Client Mode please let me know the IP address assigned to the EZ-B

We need this information in order to help you. Without it we cannot advise on how to reach Step 7.


@Nomad... Did you connect to the ezb4 before you tried Look at Rich's post #88... You have to connect to the ezb4 first (solid blue LED) before you go to


got blue solid led.but web page not schowing on pc.accses point is flikkering

United Kingdom


If your EZ-B is in Client Mode (and I suspect they are) the lesson cannot be followed exactly. The lesson is for the EZ-B in AP mode. The connection method for each differs a lot.

Nomad, can you confirm which mode your EZ-B is in, AP mode or Client Mode? If it is in Client Mode please let me know the IP address assigned to the EZ-B

We need this information in order to help you. Without it we cannot advise on how to reach Step 7.

Please answer the questions I have asked. Depending on the answer to the question I have now had to ask three times will make a difference to what Richard is explaining.



let us stop and let david handle this.i dont want to risk that david has to do all over.

thank you for trying.


they are in client mode.

his ip and port are I believe. working off of memory here.


Sorry that I haven't been following along. Had the server at the school decide to go haywire with its NIC, a server at work decide to shutdown and I am trying to figure out if someone did that or if it "just happened" and then a request for some data from our primary investor.

Hope this helps. I will be away most of the day, but will check back with my phone.

United Kingdom

Thanks @d.cochran.

@Nomad, if you want an enjoyable experience you will need to let people try and help you when you ask for help and you will need to work with them when they ask you questions.

You will not need to change anything that David has done to calibrate your servos or follow the lessons. It's a minor change to the lesson so that you connect in Client Mode rather than AP mode which doesn't change any network settings on either the Access Point or on the EZ-B.

This is post #100 (unless someone else replies) of one of three topics covering your issues. You have had numerous people attempting to help you, taking up their time. I do not understand why you are refusing to cooperate by answering two simple questions that I needed to ask three times and now refusing to accept any help from anyone but David.

I could have had alternate steps to the Lever servo Calibration lesson written up, with images in no time at all and you could move on to step 7 of the lesson with no trouble.


i dont think the problem can be solved here. it s the new accses point is blinking.david is the one who knows it. i maneged the find the blue led solid.but then all stops. on android.i check nm 7.


i cant see pic7 cause connection problem whit the new accses point. all off ez goes thru that point.


I do not recommend the access point nomad got. I have the Same one and it constantly fails. Reset annually.

United Kingdom

I give up. It's as if you didn't even read my post! The access point remains unaffected. The EZ-B network settings remain unaffected. I would have provided you with bespoke instructions for your situation so that you could get past step 4 and on to step 7 of the lesson.

However, in order to do that I needed to know some details which I asked for three times and still you didn't answer the questions (David did).

It's taken over 100 posts, 3 topics, a few days and a bunch of people to get this far and you still are at step 4 of the lesson and failing to give the information required when asked for it, failing to read posts (and if you cannot understand what is being said, failing to ask questions!), it's a huge waste of resources and I cannot waste my time. I'm happy to help anyone who needs it but they must cooperate, must read, must question when they don't understand and most of all must provide the required information.

Good luck with the calibration and I hope you solve your issues soon so you can enjoy JD.


I am done too... I will continue to follow this thread because lets face it, it's a train wreck and hard to look away...

@Nomad.... I do hope you get this sorted out... Good luck


rich this is what am try to say.i dont get it. i only know i cant see the web page.

User-inserted image

i got

if i dont know it .i cant

let it be for what it is.if i cant do it,it will be a great loss.but it is like it is. thanks for trying


@Nomad if you had followed all of the tutorials like we kept telling you to (and tried to lean), most of your problems would already be solved by now...

Again, I wish you luck....


rr i cant learn anything if i need to replay avery time. am checking if i can see it on the android.

United Kingdom

Nomad, it is because you are in Client Mode not AP Mode. The lesson is written for AP mode as it is the default mode.

The steps will need to be different in order to connect to the EZ-B diagnostics page.

These were the steps I was attempting to re-write for you so that you could do that however required you to answer some questions which you ignored and now it seems you are attempting things which are incorrect (STOP IT!), I presume by guessing.

The guess work could have been removed and you could have had a lesson custom written to the same standards as the EZ-Robot lesson but for your specific circumstances. The moment has now passed, I will not be wasting my time and effort on such a lesson when it is clear that you are unable to follow instructions.


Nomad, I will connect to you when I wake up in the morning.

Rich, he has 2 EZ-B's both in client mode, so it will be a lot easier if I walk him through this through skype and teamviewer tomorrow.

Nomad, we will get it figured out with you in about an 12 hours unless it starts storming here and homecoming festivities are cancelled for tonight. If it does that, it might be sooner. I will let you know.


Rich, Thank you for still trying to help Nomad, and thanks Richard R. too! I think things will eventually progress. The community has been very understanding and helpful.

United Kingdom

David, you are right, it will be easier. However, the reason I've been pushing him to try and learn this for himself rather than being handed it all is because I subscribe to the whole "teach a man to fish" theory. Easier is not always best:)

I hope you get it all sorted tomorrow for him.


Rick, I understand and normally agree. Nomad feels defeated before he starts when it comes to reading tutorials. My wife and daughter have dyslexia pretty bad and have a tough time when reading and understanding easily. I understand that also very well. I help my daughter with her homework a lot simply because hearing the words to her is so much easier and far less frustrating than reading them.

She also had 2 pretty serious concussions very close together aggravating the situation pretty bad. We made it through that and this is nothing compared to that.

I will make sure when I am working with Patrick not to give him the answers, but help him to figure out the answer like I do with my students. its all good, and everyone will benefit. You and Richard will be able to help others like you guys are so good at doing and I will help Patrick get Nomad off the ground with a few hour and 15 minute brakes while we wait for the batteries to charge.


@d.cochran... Again, kudos to you for your patience and effort... I see sainthood in your future dude... Patrick claims he forgets everything he learns so bottom line is, what is @Nomad to do when you stop holding his hand?


Once the robot is built and working as it should be, he will be able to use the ARC software to do what he wants to do. He will be able to share his project and get help. The parts that I am helping him with are his network and the calibration of JD. Help isn't really able to be given in these areas as easily as in ARC. To me, the wonderful thing about ARC is this ability to share and help others pretty easily.

I am putting together JD tonight before I call Patrick in the morning. This will help me to recognize what is wrong more quickly. I am interested in this also because I will be showing my students JD and Six on Monday in the box, and they will be putting them together. This will also help me in the long run.



first i wanna appolegize,i didn understand what you where asking. now i do,prefering the tutorials.well it looks like i have a form off dixlexia. i maneged to swits most averything would explain many things. david is awesome,the patients he has but also he checked me to see if, i understood what he's i see the beauty off the tutorial.

tomorrow another awesome jd day.

thank you bolt.

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