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Offset Jd

does anyone has done the offset from jd?
and second howmany degrees is jd neck ?


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let us stop and let david handle this.i dont want to risk that david has to do all over.

thank you for trying.
they are in client mode.

his ip and port are I believe. working off of memory here.
Sorry that I haven't been following along. Had the server at the school decide to go haywire with its NIC, a server at work decide to shutdown and I am trying to figure out if someone did that or if it "just happened" and then a request for some data from our primary investor.

Hope this helps. I will be away most of the day, but will check back with my phone.
United Kingdom
Thanks @d.cochran.

@Nomad, if you want an enjoyable experience you will need to let people try and help you when you ask for help and you will need to work with them when they ask you questions.

You will not need to change anything that David has done to calibrate your servos or follow the lessons. It's a minor change to the lesson so that you connect in Client Mode rather than AP mode which doesn't change any network settings on either the Access Point or on the EZ-B.

This is post #100 (unless someone else replies) of one of three topics covering your issues. You have had numerous people attempting to help you, taking up their time. I do not understand why you are refusing to cooperate by answering two simple questions that I needed to ask three times and now refusing to accept any help from anyone but David.

I could have had alternate steps to the Lever servo Calibration lesson written up, with images in no time at all and you could move on to step 7 of the lesson with no trouble.
i dont think the problem can be solved here.
it s the new accses point is blinking.david is the one who knows it.
i maneged the find the blue led solid.but then all stops.
on android.i check nm 7.
i cant see pic7 cause connection problem whit the new accses point.
all off ez goes thru that point.
I do not recommend the access point nomad got. I have the Same one and it constantly fails. Reset annually.
United Kingdom
I give up. It's as if you didn't even read my post! The access point remains unaffected. The EZ-B network settings remain unaffected. I would have provided you with bespoke instructions for your situation so that you could get past step 4 and on to step 7 of the lesson.

However, in order to do that I needed to know some details which I asked for three times and still you didn't answer the questions (David did).

It's taken over 100 posts, 3 topics, a few days and a bunch of people to get this far and you still are at step 4 of the lesson and failing to give the information required when asked for it, failing to read posts (and if you cannot understand what is being said, failing to ask questions!), it's a huge waste of resources and I cannot waste my time. I'm happy to help anyone who needs it but they must cooperate, must read, must question when they don't understand and most of all must provide the required information.

Good luck with the calibration and I hope you solve your issues soon so you can enjoy JD.
I am done too... I will continue to follow this thread because lets face it, it's a train wreck and hard to look away...

@Nomad.... I do hope you get this sorted out... Good luck
this is what am try to say.i dont get it.
i only know i cant see the web page.

User-inserted image

i got

if i dont know it .i cant give.it.

let it be for what it is.if i cant do it,it will be a great loss.but it is like it is.
thanks for trying
@Nomad if you had followed all of the tutorials like we kept telling you to (and tried to lean), most of your problems would already be solved by now...

Again, I wish you luck....
i cant learn anything if i need to replay avery time.
am checking if i can see it on the android.
United Kingdom
Nomad, it is because you are in Client Mode not AP Mode. The lesson is written for AP mode as it is the default mode.

The steps will need to be different in order to connect to the EZ-B diagnostics page.

These were the steps I was attempting to re-write for you so that you could do that however required you to answer some questions which you ignored and now it seems you are attempting things which are incorrect (STOP IT!), I presume by guessing.

The guess work could have been removed and you could have had a lesson custom written to the same standards as the EZ-Robot lesson but for your specific circumstances. The moment has now passed, I will not be wasting my time and effort on such a lesson when it is clear that you are unable to follow instructions.
Nomad, I will connect to you when I wake up in the morning.

Rich, he has 2 EZ-B's both in client mode, so it will be a lot easier if I walk him through this through skype and teamviewer tomorrow.

Nomad, we will get it figured out with you in about an 12 hours unless it starts storming here and homecoming festivities are cancelled for tonight. If it does that, it might be sooner. I will let you know.
Thank you for still trying to help Nomad, and thanks Richard R. too!
I think things will eventually progress.
The community has been very understanding and helpful.
United Kingdom
David, you are right, it will be easier. However, the reason I've been pushing him to try and learn this for himself rather than being handed it all is because I subscribe to the whole "teach a man to fish" theory. Easier is not always best:)

I hope you get it all sorted tomorrow for him.
Rick, I understand and normally agree. Nomad feels defeated before he starts when it comes to reading tutorials. My wife and daughter have dyslexia pretty bad and have a tough time when reading and understanding easily. I understand that also very well. I help my daughter with her homework a lot simply because hearing the words to her is so much easier and far less frustrating than reading them.

She also had 2 pretty serious concussions very close together aggravating the situation pretty bad. We made it through that and this is nothing compared to that.

I will make sure when I am working with Patrick not to give him the answers, but help him to figure out the answer like I do with my students. its all good, and everyone will benefit. You and Richard will be able to help others like you guys are so good at doing and I will help Patrick get Nomad off the ground with a few hour and 15 minute brakes while we wait for the batteries to charge.
@d.cochran... Again, kudos to you for your patience and effort... I see sainthood in your future dude... Patrick claims he forgets everything he learns so bottom line is, what is @Nomad to do when you stop holding his hand?
Once the robot is built and working as it should be, he will be able to use the ARC software to do what he wants to do. He will be able to share his project and get help. The parts that I am helping him with are his network and the calibration of JD. Help isn't really able to be given in these areas as easily as in ARC. To me, the wonderful thing about ARC is this ability to share and help others pretty easily.

I am putting together JD tonight before I call Patrick in the morning. This will help me to recognize what is wrong more quickly. I am interested in this also because I will be showing my students JD and Six on Monday in the box, and they will be putting them together. This will also help me in the long run.

first i wanna appolegize,i didn understand what you where asking.
now i do,prefering the tutorials.well it looks like i have a form off dixlexia.
i maneged to swits most averything backwarts.it would explain many things.
david is awesome,the patients he has but also he checked me to see if,
i understood what he's asking.now i see the beauty off the tutorial.

tomorrow another awesome jd day.

thank you bolt.

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