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Nothing To Do With Robots

Hey Everyone! This has nothing to do with robots, just one of the members of EZ Robot Community. I just wanted to let you all know that I have published my first book! It is available as an ebook at
The Winter People

It is Horror.




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Members of this community are really resourceful...

Congratulations Bret!


Congrats dude! Celebrity status :D

United Kingdom

Nice one, well done :)

I read a little of the start of it on Amazon, you described most of my male friends with the bit about the balls in a jar:) I may check it out when I get chance to sit down and read something that's neither educational or for reference...


Congratulations Brett. Now I have to go out and buy a Kindle.

If you are ever interested in making it into a movie, I know an independent movie producer and distributor. (I did some animations for one of his films). He's always looking for ideas. Of course it would be a step for him to take on another movie, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Either way, good luck with the book!


Great Bret! Now we just need to write a book about EZ Robots Success ! Really though I plan on buying it next week.


Thank you all! It is very exciting for me. @Danger that would be cool, a movie would be sweet! Thank you.


The Winter People talk in the wind and torment you in your dreams...... and, and,... an enourmous blizzard! Wow, that's classic! I gotta get this one. :D


Congratulations Bret, it's always nice to hear good news :)


Thank you all for your support and well wishes. There have already been over 100 copies downloaded since Saturday. And I believe that is in part due to the wonderful EZ Community.

Thanks again!


Hey Gang!

I am going to have FREE downloads for the Kindle this weekend.


Wow, from the preview I can tell that this is a really great book, congratulations!


Kindle ... free ... I'm in!



Too bad I don't have a kindle


@Josh - yes, for everyone! You don't need a kindle. They have a free app you can put on your PC or other device and download the book to read on that.

Thanks Niek and Herr Ball

All I ask is that if you do read, please leave a comment (and stars, I love stars haha)


I'll be in a bus heading to Poland for exchange saturday with nothing to do. Too bad it's only free this weekend, otherwise I'd have something to read.


99 cents ... well in that case I think I can afford that much ...:) I'll have to take it out of my robot USB monitor fund, of course I won't regret it right Bret? LOL


Its $3,60 here. Oh well, I guess I'll just buy it then :)


It will be free to all this weekend, so just wait a little bit.


Oh wow, It's already free! I'm downloading it right now and I'll be reading it on the bus tomorrow :)

I'll tell you what I thought about it when I get back from Poland


Never mind, 'Due to copyright restrictions' it's not available in the Netherlands :(


Hello Everyone! I want to thank you all for your support and well wishes. Just to let you all know my book has made it onto two of the Amazon "Best New Releases" lists. It is at #11 under the occult heading and #30 under the horror heading. It is doing pretty well and I wanted thank you all for getting the word out.

Now if I can just get that movie deal haha




I'll email you the guy's information.


congrats on this amazing accomplish Bret. Cheering you on...woot :D