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Country: United Arab Emr
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I am an electrical engineer graduate. Working in IT for more than 23 years Managing major IT company in Saudi Arabia


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Ip Cam Connection And Integration To Ez- Builder

Ip Cam Connection And Integration To Ez- Builder

Hi, I am new to EZB but I read much about it and I think we can benefit a lot out the HW and SW tools available. I would...

Robotic Club Setup For Kids With Ez-Platform

I am looking to have a setup for kids to learn and jump into programming and robotics using EZ-platform. I started before with RPi club sponsoring and it was good since it is supported by jams and can use other schools RPi curriculums. I do wonder if we can do the same with EZ-platform . what is minimal setup that can be used to accommodate 10 kids...

3D Printer Selection Criteria And Recommendations

I am looking to buy a new 3D printer for my personal use at home for my designs. With @DJ bad experience with couple of them and @Feroze recommendation still confused . I need more criteria and details to be able to take proper decision .. 1. Cost 2. Support 3. Ez to use and integrated with ez-builder 4. Supporting software and format 5. Cartridges...

Multichannel For Voice Commands With Ez-Builder

I am looking to use ez builder voice commands within the house . However, I an not sure how to make ez builder monitor multiple microphones/channels or what audio system needed to facilitate my request from any room . Any ideas ? :D

Ez-B With Rpi Robot

I am not a programmer but I like to play with computer and controllers. I managed to operate the rpi as xbmc sever, file server, video and camera sever, wifi connectivity, gsm connectivity using cheap dongle . alarm system. I played with the EZB and it was great but missing the wifi/gsm connectivities ( expensive boards) and peripherals such as...

Continuos Servo Motors And Rc Motors Control

I know this is a newbie question but I am trying to get a different set of servo motors with different speed / torque for future projects. On ebay, I always read that is a servo motor with speed x /60degree, Y kg/cm. However, I am not sure how to confirm if it is continuos motor , 180 or 360 degree unless specifically stated ... Continuos not Much...

New Ez-B With To Wifi Module

Hi, I just received my UART-WIFI module from China which is fully compatible with ELECHouse module. Stackable Uart WiFi Module Kit Manual and Software are online same as ELechouse Module. I had two problems while working on it and appreciate your support: 1. The pin connectivity is not compatable with the existing BT module. this may require cable...
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