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That is an interesting robot. It looks pretty, I'll give it that. I wish they had a video demonstration of it. I noticed the recommended servos are all 4.8 - 6V working range and none of them are 7.4 volt compliant, that's something to be aware of.
Very cool robot. Def would be better being controlled by an EZB for sure. It be fun to see JD that big too:)
I think it has power problems - and that would need to be addressed with a large battery - but there's no where to put it. Or, a power supply that better fits the requirements.

In the comments, the author explicitly states that he hasn't actually used it yet. And that he's unsure if the power will actually be enough - I'm leaning toward the latter - it won't be enough.

The head really needs some work. It's probably not the ugliest robot I've seen, but it's up there :D. The designer truly spent a lot of time making it, but maybe he/she could have spent another few hours making the parts look better. Everything is square and the rounded corners are all different angles. Some corners aren't rounded as well.

The head is the most challenging part for it to consider walking - not to count that the servos won't hold the weight and the bracket's mounts look super loose.

I'd make an inmoov way before I considered this thing:) my two cents!
I know that making large walking robots isn't easy . I tried making a 5 feet high walking robot, but no maxi servo I could find and no reasonable size battery could handle that object.
I fitted it with wheels and, to have a working walker, I downsized to about 2,2 feet . The servos I used for the legs (24,7 kg.cm) don't allow anything larger.
Now there are some monster servos (hitec 110kg.cm at 14,8 V) that could perhaps, with lipo batteries , handle the large robot.
But their cost is very high ( 434 $ each !).
One interesting idea I saw in the Aspir project is the use of RC shock absorbers used there in feet and arms linkages. It's a great idea to improve stability and smoothness of movements in a walking robot. What do you think about this ?
hi leonardo46

maybe this video can be of use for you.building big walking robot.

Xrobots is pretty wild - love the stuff that guy makes! Too bad he didn't use an ez-b, he'd be done quicker:D
haha dj you have a point there.
X robots is great, but it's a quite complex job, that required building the actuators and their control system. There are costly linear actuators from servo City (299 $) that can make the job easier . They are suitable for large robots.
EZB makes experimentation easier.
OK , Nomad. Great job. Do you know the cost ? It must be very high !
And that way I'd have nothing to do.... Robobuilder has done the whole job !
I like doing it myself.
am waiting for a replay from them about the cost.let you know.