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New Pay To Play ARC

New Pay To Play ARC

I am 74 years old and I am building a full scale 3D printed R2-D2.  I have started programming the arm movements and have them all under voice command. I have around 20 voice command...

Onboard Computer

I am thinking about putting a mini computer on my robot to run EZ-BUILDER software. I have been looking at the Minix Z8350-4. It is 64 bit and runs windows 10 pro software. It would connect with EZ4 just like a laptop. Has anyone done this before? Are there protential problem?
New Robot

New Robot

Has anyone seen the newly released ASPIR 3d printed robot? It seems like a perfect robot to be controlled by EZB.

Raspberry Pie On Windows 10 Iot Core

I am wondering if one could load EZ robot onto a Raspberry running windows 10 and use it in place of a PC or laptop to talk to a Ezb 4. Thanks in advance for any thoughts. It is all confusing now.

Communication Between Ezb4/2 And Parallax Dhb-10 Motor Board

I am building my robot by starting with an Arlo base. I am using the new DHB-10 drive board that takes the place of the HB25 drives. The board accepts serial commands on what is label CH1. The board has it's own processor and is pre loaded firmware commands that can be issued by its serial port. I want to issue these commands from my EZB4/2. I am...

Hovis Eco Control

I am thinking of trying to hack a Hovis Eco and control it with an EZB4. The guestion I have is would it be possible to unplug the Eco's IR receiver from it's CPUs port and plug in a cable from the EZB4 to take over the IR commands to the Eco. This would let the Eco controller handle servo control, LED control, sensors and movement control. The...

Ez-Builder On Windows 10

I just purchased a new windows 10 laptop. When I try to download Ez -Builder it loads but comes up with terms of use box. I go through the pages and check the accept box. It then does nothing and when I close the box Ez-Builder goes away and won't run. I do not think it is a scaling problems. Any help would be appreciated.


Not knowing the history of EZ-Builder, is there any chance that in the future there could be an OS10 version so one could use a MacBook Pro to run the software? The hardware of the MacBook , in my opinion, is vastly superior.

Screen Resolution

I just purchased a new dell XPS ultra book laptop with a native resolution of 3200x1800. After loading EZ software it did not present right. I went to tutorials and was instructed to move slider bar to smallest under resolution settings (dell had it set to highest). EZ software then presented correctly but the tool bar type was so small you could...
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