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New Rad Head Ideas

I have come to the conclusion that the rad 1.0 head will not satisfy me so I have gone on the hunt to build/create a new head. I have come up with the idea of a cardboard around the same size as the original head and then putting leds in it in a way the the Rad(which I think I will call AleX) can show emotions. although, I would like to see other ideas that people can come up with.



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United Kingdom
I am of the same opinion on the rad 1 head and was looking for new heads on ebay yesterday but found nothing that satisfied. The problem is, once I change the head then I will be thinking that the arms aren't good enough either...

I don't think cardboard will give a good enough finish to be honest. I have seen a few heads which would look good, the hearoid/robbie sr., the mr clock radio, something around that size/shape but getting hold of them over here is difficult if not impossible (my Hearoid is the only Hearoid I've ever seen for sale in the UK and I've not yet seen a Robbie).

I'm very tempted to draw up a new head and have it 3D printed or sculpt something, make a mould and rotocast it but will be interested in seeing what other ideas are out there too.
How about the shell from this clock? Plenty of space for LEDs behind the clear front.

User-inserted image
@techno pro and rich. I have 2 or 3 heads for rad 2.0 and the modded clock radio head as well.
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thanks for all the responces.

@Troy, Like the idea, but im already at my budget. I just remembered that the tiny airport I live on is having a garage sale like every year and they get donations from other people who have junk they don't want. it's coming up soon and I won't be starting my Rad(AleX) until the ez-mini is here and i get the order so I have time. maybe ill be able to find something there.

@jstarne1, thanks for the offer but i'm already out of ports on my ez-b without the clock radio head. Plus I just don't really like the look of it. the RAD 2.0 heads wont fit the body well I don't think. thanks anyways.

@Rich, Good to know i'm not the only one in this boat! hope you can find something. If you do post it here.

Any other ideas are welcome! Keep on posting!

EDIT: would like to add that I am in Canada so any ebay posts if possible would be appreciated if it can ship to Canada.
I like to hit the Goodwill stores and find items that I can use for a cool robot head. Every other Saturday is half off the price tag. I don't know if they have Goodwill in Canada, but perhaps another thrift shop.

I like those little 5" screen black and white TVs you can find around - like this:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
@bret. tallent, its a cool idea. will have to see if I can find one at the garage sale.

have a lot of leds so I picture a face with eyes that show emotion. then a camera mouth.
All good ideas....I like the idea of checking out garage sales found in the local paper...@technopro what size town/community do you live in? There must be a local paper/ E-Exchange and things can be had for very little. Even offer to clean out some local's garage/basement for a few dollars(CDN) and maybe find something very cool! Why wait for the airport's yearly garage sale? What part of Canada do you live in?
south-western Ontario. the garage sale is big, when compared to a simple one house garage sale. often we fill 2 transport truck trailers. The airport is in the country and so am I so going to clean out someone else's garage is kind of hard.
Thanks for the ideas anyways @irobot58.