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New Bit

i see many parts that chould connect whit each other but i see many females,
and not much male.i also think not to many people will have a 3d printer.
and sinds its like lego (only better) it chould have the possebility to connect,
all parts together.this was my idea a simple bit to do all that.

User-inserted image

i call it the ALL CONNECTOR


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there is an issue with your design. nothing would connect to it. if you put the thinner piece on the outsides, and the thicker piece in the middle, it would work. You could even put the thinner piece in all 3 places and it would probably work even better.
ah .yes thats what i mean.something like this to connect two females.

User-inserted image
maybe whit some support to,
User-inserted image
The design of the bits is intentional for the direction of connection. Every body has female connectors. Each bit has combination of male and female connections. This allows ezbits to chain together.

The piece you showed would not benefit a robot.
i disagree whit you.
how do you connect two females?
how do you connect for excample the sonar or rgb to the front off rolli or jd chest?
there is no male or female on the back covers.
You can use the extension cube Cube to attach the ping sensor bit to Roli's or JD's chest...
Rich is correct, you use the extension cube or extension block - both which offer slots for additional bits.

Also the sensor and block would normally be connected to a servo as well:)
hi RR ,wouldn that point the sensor upwarts?

wow yourre all typ fast
ok i understand dj second line ,block on servo.

thank you bolt
It won't point upwards take another look... then look at the Ping bit and then Roli's chest... The Ping will sit on top or bottom of the cube that's attached to Roli or JD's chest and face forward....
ah the cube makes an angle.:)

for the sonar i like it,but for the rgb,i will make another back plate due to ,
the cube is 3 cm long.
User-inserted image