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New Adventure Bot. Seriously Good Deal For $169

Considering just a camera and an ezb4 is $158.... $11 more and look at all the extra stuff you get!:)


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I hadn't even noticed that was added. I could use all of that (well not the servos or wheels) for a project I'm working on but haven't had the heart to take Six apart yet.

Hmm... store credit burning a hole in my pocket again:)


seems like a very good deal compared to purchasing the parts separately

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That really is a good deal. Adding this to my shopping list as I have a great idea for using this. I saw the guys in the front office playing with something the other day. Now I know what they were. The EZ-games sound interesting.:)

Adventure Bot


What exactly does it come with? I'm still needing to get my V4 Dev Kit, but I may go with this...All the pictures include different parts...front pic has a distance sensor, another has a batt charger and different bit numbers... confused


@Doombot... I assume what is in the pictures... I know it doesn't come with any HD servos which the dev kit has.... But the dev kit doesn't come with any ez bits....

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I think this is what's included...

User-inserted image

Maybe someone from EZ HQ could confirm!


Doombot, I wondered the same thing about the distance sensor, either way it is a great introduction robot for the price, similar hardware to my grandsons robot with a balancing tail bar and continuous servo movement. It even has a camera! I am tempted to purchase one for another grandson! Steve S


@Steve G - You are Correct. The picture above shows the kit contents. More details coming soon:)


@Jason There's a charger but no battery?

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Thanks for confirming Jason. I'm definitely getting at least one. I think the battery is in the base (not pictured).


@doombot the battery is in the base, just as @Steve G guessed. More details to come including full item list and description.


Alan, I think this bot will be another great addition to EZ Robots offering! Steve S


That is a great little intro for someone who needs a little more "plug and play" than the developer's kit but wants an introductory price point.



BOOM! That just killed every microcontroller rover! Well done EZ-Robot! :)



BOOM! That just killed every microcontroller rover! Well done EZ-Robot! Smile

That's what I thought! This is literally gonna destroy every other robot intro kit in existence! That pricepoint is ridiculous!:D




That pricepoint is ridiculous!
... Shhhhhsh... they will hear you and up the price... :)


aahhh march 1st seems so far away. need to spend NOW ( this is worse than waiting a year for the ez revolution to arrive) blush:P


execelent beginners rear wheel would be great.


Oh good they released it. I saw it last week, when I stopped in at EZ Robot in Calgary. It's a great idea, a simple robot that would be easy to add sensors and other Ez -Bits to.


When you click on shop for ez robot store it says available from authorized retailers,but i dont see one available.Is it only available after March 1st from any store ?


@rb550f The ez robot store is closed until Mar 1st... Has been for the last 2 weeks.... You can't buy anything (including the Adventure Bot) until March 1st....


on the contents and dimensions tab you might want to change how many cameras you get 1 x Hexapod Body (includes battery) 2 x Continuous Rotation servo with Wheel 1 x ez-bv4 Wi-Fi Robot Controller 1 x ezrobot ez-bv4 Camera 1 x LiPo Battery Balancer Charger 1 x Hexapod Foot 6 x ezrobot ez-bv4 Camera 2 x Extension Block


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I guess that should be 6 x extension cubes (which fyi are sooo useful!). Although 7 cameras total, plus an EZ-B for that price, that would be awesome!:D


Thanks for the heads up @bborastero!

I've changed it to 6 x Extension Cubes much as @Rich guessed. Nice work:)


It's a gateway robot , lower price gets kids and hobbiest adults in the door with using ez robot! Good idea!


Was looking at Create 2 and other "intro" kits, but at $169 (hopefully free shipping from authorized dealers!) this it THE kit to get. Good balance of plug and play with expandability.

Sounds like a great way for ez-robot to get people invested in their software and ez-bv4 hardware.

I'm no where near their retail stores (actually can't seem to find any retail location beyond the one in Calgary) so I'll wait the two days until march first. :D


@Orangejoe - Adventure Bot is still coming. There is a lot of planning that goes behind a robot being launched at such an affordable price point. Soon:)


This Friday!:D I heard Alan commit to it yesterday to Jake - secret's out!


Hmm.. Just in time for my birthday next week....



@Orangejoe and Alan, It's here! Happy Birthday!


I think almost here. No price yet (but I can add to my cart with $0 so maybe I should order now <grin>



I DID 6:30am THIS MORNING, 2:30am DJ time ... LOL ... I got the price ok and step 1 confirmation.. Birthday is coming.....

Hey, by the way, I think they still have lever servos in the garage sale. I bought 3 and if the paypal price with shipping looks good, I may get 6 more if they still have them. I have a new toy I am thinking of building and the cheaper lever servos would fit my budget.

The price is right even if they are a little used.



@thetechguru It still says "Coming Soon" but the price shows up if you add to cart.

BTW, the current price in cart is lower than the price on the thread title! eek


When I tested this morning it was from my phone, so might have worked regular browser. DJ did hint last week that some prices were dropping.



And the Add to cart buttons have just been removed. Guess they aren't quite ready for orders....



All the Revolution Bots just dropped in price.... :) DJ and ez robot are obviously havin' fun at our expense.... LOL... DJ... you're just being cruel now... :P


howlong will the prize drop last?


Better add everything to your cart quickly @Richard R!:P

Prices are here to stay:)


@Alan... you guys are seriously cruel.... Oh, I plan on buying as soon as you guys add the 4 in 1 orientation sensor to the online store... So that'll learn ya':P


@Dj ,@Alan Dude! I ordered an 18 led RGB block, this morning around 6am for 29.99...a few hours later it's $19.99! Can I get a raincheck or store credit here or do I have to cancel my order and order it again? Thanks guys I was planning on getting more stuff actually nice price drop!


am waiting to for the gyro's


@doombot - Of course we can get you sorted! Use the Contact Us page and tell us your order number:)

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Hey guys.

The shop is looking great with all the new stuff (and price drop of course;)). Are there still plans on releasing the RGB 8x8 LED array that was mentioned?


@Steve G - We don't put new items in the store until after we have gone through the first couple revisions of prototypes and have started the sourcing/ purchasing of large batch quantities for manufacturing. We still had the RGB array in our list of planned releases:)

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That's cool. Thanks Alan. I was just checking to see if the 8x8 was still on the cards was all.:)