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Need Large Hexapod Leg / Servo Designs

How do I build a large hexapod leg / servo without breaking the bank? I want each leg to be about 2 feet long.


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Somewhat of a contradiction in terms my friend... Something that large = powerful servos = $$$$


You will need to cut the parts from syrofoam to manage that size and still use standard servos.


josh's idea is good...also consider door skin cheap and light , only a couple of 32's thick


what is door skin? I never heard of it.


I think he means buying a cheap household door. They have foam sandwiched between two pieces of very thin wood laminate. You could use a jigsaw to cut parts from it. Buuuut if you are patient we could 3d print a big one with interconnected parts and the 3d printed parts can be very light. Because of the size you are talking about it would take a few days worth of prints. The end product or would probably make a mold of for replacement parts in the future. It just depends on what you want in the end. Some people want to build something just for the experience and never even use it after its built and in that case that is cool too. So just ask yourself if you want it useful and durable later.


Not exactly Josh! I ment the actual sheet of plywood about 16$ 3/32 thick :) .......but with Josh's suggestion, one can get a really cool custom leg ....or whatever:)


I like the idea of 3d printed parts. Time is not a issue as we are waiting for our hexapod to arrive. How do I contact you? My email is


Speaking of extensions, Anyone hear anything about them releasing the stls for them? I don't have a 3d printer but I like to have all of the bits in my library to play with.


jstarne1 How do I contact you?


Hi, Picking this thread up again. I'm designing a harvestmen spider robot using 16DOF with heavy duty servos. My legs are effectively 33cm weighing each about 54grams (similar to avatar pic, only larger). Total support weight is about 1100g. I'll be running about 69% of stall torque on the hip servos during gait. I'd like to keep from adding knee servos, as it detracts from the general effect, but would help distribute load.

Is this a sustainable load for the heavy duty servos, or will they wear out quickly?