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My Sharp Ir Not Compatible With Radar :/

Hello everyone!

I have a sharp GP2D120 that sends voltage between 0 V and 2.88 V depending on the distance of the obstacle.

But the sharp IR radar seem sensible only from about 3.50 V ,so i never see the red dot because 2.88V in ADC read = distance:101 in the IR Radar windows *confused*

I have to use another sensor or I can add a small circuit to increase the voltage?(resistor between Signal and +5V?)

Thanks you :D


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@fredo0, I'll add a option for you in the next release:)
Sweet I have a few of those sensors
Great you're cool DJ:)

I'll be able to mount the sensor in the muzzle of my robot dog:P

I just received my EZB and it's funny to try anything!

Your card is very powerful and I can adapt the various movements call (like camera movement tracking) to synchronize my servo control circuit (pololu maestro) with the powerful "movement script" windows !

My project will be more alive with EZB :D
United Kingdom
An old topic I know but was this issue ever fixed? Or was it forgotten? Or is it still in process?
It'd be great DJ to allow us to calibrate the IR radar so it can react to the shown values. So far this is a pretty big and unconvenient glitch and it hasn't been resolved after 3 years, if I'm correct. Thanks in advance.
Hi elfege, I'll add this to the list. Should have time to fit it in near the end of 2015. Thanks!

This would be an incredibly low priority as the ezb v4 is ready a 3.3v system and there is no reason for additional options at this time. And the v3 is a discontinued product.
Is it a voltage issue? If so just know that I tried to use the 3.3v and it did not help. But I'm not sure that I got what you meant.

Well, anyway I'm still working with the numerous V3 boards I acquired 2 years ago and I intend to use them until they die! -- well... I was one of those complaining a lot about having to use bluetooth instead of wifi... lol --:) However I'm creating a robotic club at my school as of Sept., so I'll get to order some V4. Thanks for your answer.

Btw, another question : I eventually learned how to incorporate the current IR values into my script by simply using IF and getadc. Pretty simple in fact, so the calibration I was refering to is indeed not really necessary. Now, here is my question :

How can I do the same with ultrasonics? I want to read their values and so far reading echo or even trigger ports didn't give any result. Is there a way to achieve that? I want to be able to do something such as reading the ultrasonic value as a condition before movement.

As you can see I'm now asking for quite the opposite than before! I wanted to be able to use the GUI for the IR radar and now I want to be able to not have to use the GUI ultrasonic radar... I know, I know, robotics shenanigans!

Anyway, thanks a lot for you quick answer!

@elfege To read the value of a ping (ultrasonic sensor) is pretty simple too


$distance = GetPing(D0,D1)
United Kingdom
Ping Roam pretty much can replicate the radar/ping sensor controls actions without the GUI. It may need some alterations here and there but it's all commented so should be simple to adjust.

It can also be easily adjusted for use with IR sensors (or even a mix of Ping and IR).
A ping! Of course! LOL Thanks!
... and may I ask another question? I can't find how to write a script such as

Left(200, 1000)
controlcommand("script manager"... etc.

It seems that I have to do this in the settings of the camera, but I can't even get the rover to turn when it sees the object. It systematically uses the default built-inoption : forward.

As usual, I may only need the first trigger to figure out the rest by myself.