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Mp3 Files

is it possible to get the mp3 files haunt me and i believe i can fly
for some reason when i play the files ,the ezb disconnect,


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United Kingdom
Use the "Choose file" the same way you do when you upload a picture, only difference is you select the ARC project instead of a picture. You will find the project under "Projects" in your ARC file in your computer.
To clarify, did you upload the project that "works" or did you upload the project that "does not work"?
bolt you named are one and desame.i have two jd on win8 and win8-1
United Kingdom

Just to be clear, you are using the exact same project on two different computers. One computer, the Windows 8 one, is giving you the disconnecting issue, and the Windows 8.1 computer is okay. Is that correct?
no bolt are on win8 the other is win7
i use win8 for first robot and win8-1 second robot.
United Kingdom
So which computer/operating system are you having the problem with?
ARC win8 first robot ,this one dissconnect when trying to play soundboard dj.
i call the ARC win8 and win8-1 to keep them appart.
but its one win8 laptop
United Kingdom
Right, so your calling your projects Win-8 and Win 8-1. Got it. That's what was confusing me thinking you meant Window operating system "8" and "8.1". Thanks for clearing that up.

So it's the exact same project, with no changes made to it, works on Windows 7 with no problems, and does not work on the Windows 8 laptop. Have you tried fully closing down your Laptop, restarting it, and trying the project again, or even download the project from the Cloud again after the laptop restart?
i always open projects in ARC in cloud my projects.its a few days old so did some restarting .so i cann last robot win8-1.i started a new project and i used the,
merge ,checkbox soundbourd and rgb from original jd from dj.
this ezb works only on win8.
United Kingdom
Sorry, I'm still a little confused where you're having the problem and calling things "win8". I still don't know if you are refering to your ARC projects "win8" and "win8-1" of your laptops operating system "Windows 8 or 8.1" .

It looks like what you're saying is you are using one Windows 8 laptop, one project works and the other does not. What you could try is to open a new project, merge the soundboard, add a new RGB animatior and program it yourself to see if that solves the problem.


no i did merge from the original jd ARC.cause the jd didn move with the original ARC. mine is
but i wil check for sure.

Can you not just use the scan tool or manually change the EZ-B address to in the original JD project?
i have 3 jd's to hold them appart i gif them a name in ez builde,excample
jd1 is windows7
jd2 is windows8
jd3is window8-1 but is same laptop with windows 8.1 on it

i try ARC jd original scanner dont find any ezb
when i use still the original jd ARC it connect but ,
jd doesn move.

when i take my project it connects and move all poses,but not soundcard then it,
disconnect also on my iphone,
United Kingdom
A shot in the dark, but worth looking at. The JD that keeps disconnecting... check the i2c cable for the RGB array to make sure it's properly and securely connected, and that it's not damaged or twisted in any way. The slightest problem with i2c, and it can cause the EZ-B to disconnect.
jd number 3 has not a head sofar,i just order it.
so that can be the problem.
United Kingdom
If your running an RGB animator without an RGB light panel, that probably is the problem and why it disconnects.
ok i check that and report back here.
i remove the rgb and try to play the song.
yeach it works ,it was the rgb that wasn there.

thanks steve & dj

User-inserted image

he will get jis head and hands soon.
United Kingdom
Hurray. Glad we got that sorted.:)