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Mobile App Not Working With My Programs


It has been a couple of months since we had any interaction with our JD robot. Couple of days ago, we decided to get it out and noticed the software needed an update. After updating the software, I also updated the mobile app.

Since the upgrade, none of my programs are working in mobile that were working before. I get the error shown in the screenshot each time I try to load.

Thanks for your assistance. User-inserted image


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do you save them in ez cloud?

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Just a suggestion. Does your mobile have the latest operating system installed? There's been some upgrades to the mobile apps, so older android OS won't work with the mobile app. There's a thread here that talks about it.

Hope it helps. :)


you need firmwire 4.1 but mine is 4.0 and it did work.

  1. @nomad18.08 - yes, I have my programs saved in EZ-Cloud, these are the same programs that were working before.

  2. @Steve G - I have a Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.4.4 - are you saying the app will not work with this version?


try uninstall it on android reboot phone.and reinstall

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Anything Android 4.1 or newer will work with the mobile app, so you should be ok. Perhaps try a phone reboot and reinstalling the app and try again. I know people have had some luck with that. I'll keep my finger crossed for you.


I though with some new updates to the android mobile software you had to open your projects in ARC again and re-save them to the cloud... Then download them back to your android...


What is your project name? I will test and see what's up


@Richard, yes I did re-save to the cloud

@Dj - The project name is: Ebony Use This One



I'll look into it and see what's up :)


Any luck on this issue? I too have the same problem. :(


When I connect to my Roli with the EZ-Bulider PC the camera feed would show up in the mobile apps camera feed window. It doesn't seem to do that now. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it. Also in the Variable Watcher there are some camera and Auto Position variables with odd values.

I hope this is of some help.

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I've been able to access all of the controls through the control list on the mobile app. Didn't the camera control used to work? Didn't it have a little page with the view screen and the little nav arrows like the web server did and the soundboard control does? If so then the camera control isn't working now either. Everything else seems to work.


@Antron007 no luck yet. I'm still waiting for DJ to review the program, I'm sure he will update us soon :-) .


Well, we can at least play with it through the control list but the mobile interface is a nice touch. ;)


Yes, I agree. My wife wants to bring JD into her special ed. classroom. The mobile app will make the robot much easier for her to setup for her students.

We're sure the kids will get a kick out of JD I'm just having trouble getting him in there :-) .



Did you make your project public? I was going to take a look to see if I could figure out the problem, but I can't find it.

@Anthony, What is your project name?




I found your Roli project and duplicate the issue, including when I save it to my desktop and re-upload to the cloud as a private file and then re-download to my mobile device (HTC One M8, Android 4.4.4).

Looks like there is definitely a bug.


  1. all variable watcher values look fine to me

  2. the camera feed would display in the mobile app window before a connection was established to the ezb - this has been changed in the new version to only display the camera feed if there is a connection to the ezb. This is not a bug.

  3. not all controls had mobile versions - only a few. We will not be making mobile controls. We will most likely be removing desktop mode entirely. This will encourage use of the mobile interface buukder and increase the quality of our apps. To be taken seriously in this industry with out unique ability to provide app building with the click of a mouse button, it's in our best interest to focus on app quality. Lack of mobile views is not a bug.

  4. I haven't looked at the issue that the OP has, yet - only because I was flying to Canada yesterday. I'll be looking at it this evening.


@DJ from your reply, I think you are saying my app isn't working because I have servo controls that are no longer compatible with the mobile version?

So basically I just have to delete the servo profiles and only use the mobile builder?

Am I correct?


@thetechguru I just uploaded a public version named Mobile Test 1

@DJ I removed all of the servo controls, but I still receive the same error. What else should I remove?



I'm saying I haven't looked at your App because I was flying and I will be looking at it this evening.

I numbered my reply into parts because it addressed questions from other posters who had hijacked the thread.


@DJ understood, thanks for the clarification. Please take your time and have a safe flight.


Anytime @Antron!

Here is the update to the issue you had discovered in ARC mobile:


@DJ I just received this email: . It seems this thread may automatically close after some period of time without a reply from me, but I haven't received any suggestions.

Please keep the thread open.



@askwpcoach Do you have the latest release of ARC mobile?... It was updated in response to your problem on Jan 18th.... See post 26


@Richard Thanks for this suggestion. The thread you referenced was a response to Antron . In #23 DJ said he would reply to my issue when he finds the time, so I didn't try anything.

I just updated the app and it's working fine. Thanks again :-)