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Missing The Original Robots

I think it's terrific what DJ has achieved and really believe he'll make robots accessible to a bigger audience. What I do miss though is all of those great, hacked robots on the website. It's a little sad that they have been relegated to the back pages.

For me, the pure creativeness of solving all those problems when hacking a robot and bringing it back to life, better and badder than before, is what it's all about.

I'm chomping at the bit though, and can't wait to get my hands on the new board.


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I agree. They could devide up into two catagories; old toys and from scratch. But, of course, I will leave that up to them.
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I'm confused (it's rare but it happens)... The old robot conversions are still here, they still are in pride of place on the right hand side of the EZ-Robots page and the showcase section is still in the forum...

What am I missing? *confused*
Right. I have been looking on the left hand side.
We must be looking a different websites! When I look at the home page all I see is the newbies.
Must be missing something.
Maybe it's because I'm using my mobile.
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There are links/menus all along the top of every page... you need to follow these to get to the robots. The homepage is showing off the revolution robots but the menus are still along the top.

Next to Community Forum is a link for EZ-Robots, this is where they all are.
Or just browse the Project Showcase section of the forum.
I know DJ and crew has poured heart soul, beer and many hours into the snap together work, but hacking toys / animatronics stuff is the reason I bought ARC, please keep hacking toys. I think the Hasbro Fur Real parrot with an EZ-B hack would be serious geek cred and good laughs too... DJ is it all snap together from here on, or will you still be doing custom toys and various hacks like you did in the past?
What I build is kind of irrelevant;) if I convert old toys or not. It's what you do with the EZ-B v4 that matters. You don't have to put it in a Revolution bot. It's still more powerful than anything else out there - specifically for the price! Look at the specs of the EZ-B v4! They're nuts awesome

We'll have adapters being released this week which allow you to connect ez-bit's to your hacked toys. Give them arms and stuff. It's EZ-Clips that have holes to mount onto anything.

The EZ-Bwill always be available for ppl to use in their projects. The Revolution product is for ppl who want to expirement with robotics without the complications - there are a lot more of those people that you guys. Also revolution is important because it gets kids involved. That's my passion. That's why I started this to begin with.

EZ-Robot Revolution will have the same effect on the classroom as the PC did in 1984
I found my quote for the day , DJ:D

I'm with you on kids , kids are the future of everything , someone has to design it , then someone has to make it but first kids gotta learn it and love it! If it weren't for Legos.....
I love the idea of adapter bits big time:D
DJ you just made my day:D
Now my mind is really thinking lol
I could ad arms, legs, so much more with them bits:D
Thank You DJ the robot god .... And Thank You to ALL the EZ-Robot staff:D
Thanks @Wolfie - your kind words mean a lot:)

EZ-Robot will always be about providing a simple, easy to use robotics solution; whether that be hacking an old toy, building a warehouse robot, building a custom 3D printed bot in the classroom or clipping together parts using Revolution bits.

Just because we launched the Revolution product doesn't mean that we will stop supporting the creativity and passion of building robots that you all have. In fact, our goal is to inspire others to unleash their creativity, to become more confident in their abilities to make the robot of their dreams. The first step is getting others comfortable with the world of robotics, something that we feel Revolution helps with.

The EZ-B v4 has many features that will make it easier to creating your own robot from scratch or hacking an old toy. I cant wait to see all of the custom builds that will be done with the v4 and the continued additions to ARC:)