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Maybe A Dumb Question - Make Bigger Jd

So even though I barely even began, I have plans for this little guy and wondered whether instead of the leg extensions, one could add one more servo to each leg and arm and make JD a bit bigger with more articulation. Is the EVB4 capable of adding four more servos to control walking or is this a thoroughly stupid Idea using too much of the evb brain? Also, what is the most popular AI used by everyone here for entertainment purposes? Thanks


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The brain is not an issue. With sufficient amperage (and JD's battery is sufficient) you can have a servo in every digital port with no issues.

The problem will be getting your auto-positions right to keep him balanced. The big feet will help, but the taller and heavier he is, the more you need to worry about stability.

Personally, I think he would benefit a lot from having rotation servos at the hips so he can execute turns more easily. His turn radius is pretty wide right now.



Of course you can add additional servos. All revolution robots are built with ezbits. These are parts that clip together to create a robot. You can find out more on the video on the home page of this website. Or, in the Jd product page.

The revolution product empowers you, as a creator, to create your own robots and inventions.

As for your AI question, PandoraBot is the easiest place to start. Once you have assembled, and completed the learn section tutorials of a Jd, consider the activities course.

The activities course introduced how to begin customizing. There are educational lessons required to begin customizing, to ensure you understand how it all works. The learn section is going to be the most important button on the website for you to use, and we're always adding to it:)



I have the same request, with the current configuration it's very difficult to perform left, or right turns, after while walking also becomes an issue.

the number of servos, is not a problem JD setup still have 8 free digital ports.

some idea/combinations per leg:

1 rotation servo 1 lever servo 1 rotation + 1 lever

there is also the balance issue, i'm not sure which is the best combination.

Did anyone successful tried different combinations ?

@DJ any thoughts ?

(DJ already replied)


see ubove robot app store,almost below you see jd with hips.


I think the hip configuration will need a new bit design. Done on a 3D printer.

Maybe the servos mounting horizontal rather than vertical. It will give him extra movement dimension without increasing the height much.


you mean like type c robot


Could you simply add one more lever to each leg or does that become (In-human) from an articulation standpoint since we have three points ourselves? I was thinking less about turn radius then length of gait so he could get around a bit faster. Maybe the leg extension as you mentioned on the JD with hips model does it. Well, I need to watch more lessons first.


On AI, I would use pandora bot initially. It works pretty well. If you want it to be custom this can also be done with pandora bot.

Once you want to get much deeper, you have some options. You can either develop your own, wait for EZ-AI to come out which will be a plugin to ARC or use Alexa, Cortona or any other of a large range of applications. All of these will require you to do some development work with the exception of EZ-AI. If you want to use something simple and have it quickly, Pandora bot is your best bet right now.


Easy is Good :):) I'll stick to Pandora Bot and EZ-AI when it comes out (BTW, when is that?)


I knew that question would be next:)

I would have hoped that it would have been completed by now. We are adding a couple of new cool features now. These are supposed to be done in about a week.

From there we will set up the license server and do the not so fun parts of making sure that things don't get stolen easy. This is a large concern as it could run up a hefty bill quickly.

From there we will order the boards that will act as the gateway/brain for your network to EZ-AI and start configuring security on these devices, then dump the code to them.

While all of this is going on, we will be writing the EZ-AI plugin. This will be very simple to complete.

Then I have some people that I will have do UAT testing and make sure everything holds up as expected. This list is set already. The list is based on some people who have proven to be trustworthy and helpful, and have used the previous version of EZ-AI.

Once that is all complete, we will release it. Unfortunately I don't have a time frame other than to say hopefully by this summer.


Well hopefully I'll be more capable and knowledgeable about this little robot by then so I can take advantage of the new AI. Thanks



Would love to see some video of that. Very cool