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May I please inquire as to what are the SFHR's (Software & Firmware & Hardware Requirements, pronounced as "suffer") necessary to establish JAICS (JD AUTONOMOUS INTER-COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, pronounced as "jakes") including any related KPS (Known Problems and Solutions, pronounced as "keeps") *confused*


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Single robot management via network interconnect is not the problem as this is comprehensively covered within the tutorials.
Multiple robot interaction is the challenge I face. The problem is establishing, managing and maintaining multiple JD robots' communications within a single JAICS supporting direct bot2bot sharing of logistic and telemetry information. The use model of such an enterprise is to achieve successful autonomous robotic interactions such as swarming and execution of communal activities. Any ideas?
The MQTT broker and client plugins can be used to share variable data between multiple instances of ARC each running their own robot. Running multiple robots can be done within a single instance of ARC since it can support up to 256 EZ-B devices and all variables are globally shared in a project, however, all movement will need to be scripted since you can only have one Movement Panel in a project.

You can connect up to 256 EZ-B's (256 robots), as alan said.

If you wish to use JD's, simply import the JD project into Auto Position Controls that are not Movement (one per robot).

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And change each Auto Position to reflect the ez-b board number
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That is how we were able to make 27 JD's all dance to this video...

You can then control each robot by using ControlCommand(). If you're not familiar with programming, then Blockly or RoboScratch can make that very easy.

The Blockly UI is probably best, however.

RoboSCratch, Blockly and EZ-Script can be read about here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Course/6

The ControlCommand() overview is on that page as well, direct link is here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/78?courseId=6

Each Auto Position control will provide ControlCommand() for actions, such as Forward, Left, Right, Stop, etc.....
I greatly appreciate the support offering quick easy to understand instructions and today's 2017.02.07 updated multi-EZ tutorial. I shall put it all to very good use. Thank You!:D