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Jd, Basic Movements In C# And Visual Studio 2013

Hello, sorry for this stupid question. I wanted to program my Robot with Visual Studio 2013. I know that there are 65 examples, but are there also dlls for moving JD?

I heard of the "Auto Position GAIT module" can someone explain it to me? And can/how I use it in C#? confused

And how can I move a Servo? Only a piece of code how to move a servo would be enough... :D

Thanks in advance, Patrick.


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Hi Patrick,

Your question seems sort of open ended like you are not sure how to get started. If you are not a proficient coder or application developer already I can't recommend using the SDK as the learning curve is rather significant. As an application developer and owner of a JD I can tell you from experience there is very little that can not be done with ARC as it is.

Having said that, in the SDK is a file named "README" if you read that and follow the directions to setup the .dll files in VS, then you can load examples and run them.

The key to getting anything to work with the EZb is to make sure the .dll files are added correctly as they include all the most important instructions for making a connection and so forth.


Hello, you are alright, I am not a programmer, but I already programmed in C# and make programs with Visual Studio. I know how to add dll's, and was able to start the sample codes. I have read the README, and know that i have to change the processor architecture to x86.

I just need a little code for moving servos or if there is a Auto-Position.



You said you are the owner of an JD, can you please give me a code for basic movements of JD, like FORWARE, BACKWARD, TURN RIGHT and LEFT? Thanka in advance, Patrick.


Thanks for reply!:) It work well:D First I was confused about "COM3" Connect-Button, but you can change it to :P If you press "Connect" the Robot will make the "connect" Sound. And he moves when I press the Buttons. So i deduce that this Sample-program is optimized for JD...

Thanks again:D Patrick


Hello, I know this discussion opened long time ago, but I'm struggling the same issue - i'm trying to move JD forward/backwards by c# SDK and didn't find any example of this in the tutorials. Did you manage eventually to perform basic movements? If you do, can you give me an example of code that does this?

thank you very much Orit



Check the example SDK's AutoPosition code:

EZ-B SDK Windows\C#\Tutorial 59 - Auto Position