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Jd, Basic Movements In C# And Visual Studio 2013

Hello, sorry for this stupid question. I wanted to program my Robot with Visual Studio 2013. I know that there are 65 examples, but are there also dlls for moving JD? I heard of the Auto Position GAIT module can someone explain it to me? And can/how I use it in C#? confused And how can I move a Servo? Only a piece of code how to move a servo would...
Mono Ezb.Connect Not Working

Mono Ezb.Connect Not Working

Hello, i tried to program my EZ Robot with C# under Ubuntu 15.04. using System; using EZ_B; public class HelloWorld { public static void Main() {...

Visual C# And The Movement Of My Jd

Hi all, i want to walk my JD with C# program. I know that you can export the Action and frames from Auto Position, but whats with the Servo Profiles. I dont think that it exports the servo positions with the actual servo profile. How did you control your JD with C#, or are there any ideas? confused Thanks

Windows Phone App, Ez_B.Dll WontT Work

Hello, I am trying to make an Windows Phone App for my Robot. I am working with Visual Studio 2013 PRO and if I click on Verweis hinzufügen (normally add an .dll) theres an error : Dem Projekt kann kein Verweis auf eine höhere Version oder eine inkompatible Assemlby hinzugefügt werden Means that EZ_B.dll is not running on windows phones? Thanks for...

C# Visual Studio 2013, Tutorial 1 - Modified Servo

Hello I wanted to program my robot in C Sharp and downloaded the sample codes. In Tutorial 1 - Modified Servo there is a Connect Button for COM3. But I have my JD-Robot connected over Wi-Fi. If i press connect there is an error. How can I connect my Robot over COM3 or how can i change the Button to connect it over Wi-Fi? confused Thanks in advance,...

Ez-Sdk Sample Code For Jd

Hello, i am playing around with an JD-Robot and wanted to rogramm it in Linux. the small code works, and it print HelloWorld in the Terminal. But how can i make my JD move? Are there librarys, or just an sample code for movin JD would be enough Thanks in advance, Patrick.

Jd Running After An Small Ball And Kick It

Hello, i am very new to EZ-Robot, and from Germany so sry for my bad Englisch. I want that my JD walk to an red ball, for example, and if he is in front of the ball he should kick it with his feet, and run then after the ball again. I am using the normal ARC, and have actually no ideo how to solve thos problem blush... Thanks in advance, Patrick
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