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Shaking JD Humanoid Head

Hello, I have JD humanoid robot, and recently its head started shaking a lot when it moves his head. when i manually move it a little bit it stops shake. but it happens quite a lot... what can I do ? thank you, Orit

JD Camera Recording

Hello,  I'm trying to record a video from JD's camera - I have tried to use :   "_camera.StartCamera" and then "_camera.AVIStartRecording" but it doesn't seem to work.. I'm not sure if it is the right way and what videoCaptureDevice argument should be?  Maybe someone have an example for recording a video?  Thank you, Orit
Hello, I'm trying to play an audio (I'm coding in C# SDK)  I converted .mp3 to raw by audio conversion software, and when i play the .raw on audacity is sounds pretty fine I tried to use _ezb.SoundV4.PlayData function like this: byte[] bytes = File.ReadAllBytes("../path"); _ezb.SoundV4.PlayData(bytes,100);  but the audio sounds really bad when i try to play the .mp3 in EZbuilder it sounds better.  any ideas? thank you!
Hi,  Where can I find the API of windows SDK?  Thanks, Orit
Control Two Robots

Control Two Robots

Hi! I would like to control two robot at once, I have few questions: 1. I tried to create two autopositioner controllers according to the tutorial, but even though two JDs are...

Leap Motion

Hello, Is there any support for Leap Motion controller? (I've seen that there was a discussion about it couple of years ago, but maybe something has changed since then) Thanks, Orit

Wrong Direction Of Jd's Head

Hello, I just got this week the two JD humanoid robots i've ordered, and one of the heads seems like it screwed in the opposite direction. when i put the head in the direction such that the eyes are turning forward, the head can't lean forward because its basis it standing on is not in the frontal part, but rather relatively backward.(the vertical...
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