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Isobot/Robi Robot

I am new to robot community but have been interested since I was a kid. I recently purchased two(2) Isobots from eBay. Only one works. Is there a mother board or robot controller that will fit inside of an Isobot? I put a Robi head on the one that works and was wanting to install a camera and a ez robot ez-bv4/2. Does anyone know if this will be possible? I saw someone on YouTube install a arduino inside an Isobot and was wondering how complicated would it be? Thank you for any available information.

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Does that robot use hobby style servos? Can you show information or pics of the connectors etc

if so, then I think the ezrobot ezb v4 is the best option because it has a camera and audio. Plug the servos in, use the Auto Position Movement Panel robot skill to make gait and animations. Add a joystick or something to control it. 

add the camera device to see the camera. 

use this getting starter guide: https://synthiam.com/Support/Get-Started/How%20to%20Make%20a%20Robot/plan-a-robot
I think the EZ-Robot EZ-B IoTiny might be a better fit. The Isobot is a small robot. I have one. at about 5 1/2" tall, there is not room for an EZB v4. Even a IoTiny might be too big. Then there is the Arduino Pico. At .6" (15mm), they are about 1/4 of the size of the other boards.