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Is This Warenty

i make another topic about the batteries cause this can be a case of warenty. the chargers says output 12 volt,i get 12.22 volt .i think thats ok the charger gifs 11.20 something to i look at the batt in jd win8, and it wil not charge,green led goes out.i also see some punctering in the batt, from i gess factory.i made a video.the balancers gifs 8.22 volt on 1.15 hour, and led goes out.gess also perfect.when i messure the wire itself ,i get , about 12.20 can this be warenty.also i think if the other jd's dont have it. i got now 4 death batteries and 1 bad charger.i use the robots 1 or 2 times, a week.


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The charger DC adapter producing 12.2 volts instead of 12.0 exactly is not warranty. There are many reasons why all AC/DC adapters produce voltage which is a few decimal points (sometimes entire whole numbers) from the output specification. This has to do with load, input voltage, and more...


ok why have i 4 death batts?i just took one out of jd.death.

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No offence but if you have 4 batteries which have become faulty and very few, if anyone else, has issues there can only be one real common factor.

What you have described, as far as voltages is concerned is correct and acceptable.

Damaged batteries should never be used. A damaged lipo battery is extremely dangerous. I cannot believe any factory would miss a damaged battery during it's quality checks, let alone send four out to the same person.

Review all instructions and advice on the safe handling and charging of batteries to avoid any future issues.


the batt was allreddy in the jd.and there are many other problems normal factory, chould see.this started some week cant convince me 4 times in a , chort period is bad use or whatever.i use my robots 2 times a week. also you cant messure the balancer.i have two more jd's,am sure am gonna find, same batt like the others.i always looked very carefull while playing and charging. today a balancer can be good 1 hour later bad.

dj you talk about the charger alone,not the batts 4 times is not normal. nobody opens up his jd averytime to check the batt. am sorry to say ,if this is not warrenty,am done with ez robots. just let me know.


i checked all my robots and found 2 more bad batts.1 in jd 1 in roli.thats 6 bad batts one bad charger.i didn disable the voltage on the, web page 6.6 .i upload video tomorow.this is hell


this is disrespectfull,not good.the chargers overcharge more then 10.10 volt the other goes from 9.00 volt to 7.00 volt it goes up and down. thats what kill the batts.


Hello @Nomad it seems you have a number of problems here, in order to make sense of everything we are going to have to take it one step at a time.

  1. With the multimeter you are using, does it have a fresh battery? I have seen readings that have greatly flucuated in these type of meters due to a low battery.

  2. How does the AC power adapter voltage in question compare to the other ones you own? This will verify that your voltmeter is ok.

  3. If there is a single AC adapter that is not like the others (has a low voltage output), did you use this adapter (with the blue charger) on all your robots?

  4. Was the AC adapter in question new? Does the wiring look pinched or squished anywhere?

If there indeed is a faulty AC adapter we will have to look further into it.

The battery you showed in the video looks like it was completely depleted and then charged again. This will puff a LiPo battery up. A battery cannot ship this way as it is against shipping restrictions.

Thanks for your patience Nomad, please answer these questions and we will work with you to resolve your issue.


yes the digital meter has a frech batt

selftest the meter shows 0.00 ohm so ok

the adaptor chould gif 12 volt but it gifs 10 a 11 volt

the other gifs 9.5 volt to 7.5 volt goes up and down.

averything looked new in box adaptors

i cant know what i cant see

the last 3 bad batt came out of roli and six jd .,they just begun to puff

sofar i know the adaptors are not good.and

previous 2 balancers where also not good and got warrenty.

am not happy with this cause its not the first time

i mean when i say if this is not warrenty ,then its goodby


Nomad, the number of battery issues that you're experiencing does look like something funny is happening. I know you're a very awesome power user - and recharge batteries multiple times per day. I'm thinking a good idea for your lab is a smarter electronic LiPo charger.

This is similar to the lipo charger which we use at the ez-robot facility:

The one we use has 4 battery charging capability.

Contact Us and speak with James about the issues - Jeremie also had asked some questions which may be helpful.

My recommendation is to Contact Us and speak with james and purchase a smart microprocessor powered battery charger. The lipo batteries may be simply suffering from exhaustion - and therefore will be easily resolved for your lab with a smarter lipo charger.

Of course we don't want to see you go:) But don't hang battery issues over our head for that :D. Work with james and Contact Us to figure something out on Monday. However, I truly believe your lab will benefit from a smarter lipo charger. You have provided a link to a third party who you have also purchased batteries from, and we are unable to warranty batteries from other companies (Trossen).

Also, can you please submit a diagnostic report? Here is a link to the instructions:



your tottaly wrong,never bouth batts elswhere. second i use my robots 2 max 3 per week one charge. for avery 2 batt i have to by i pay belgium customs 50 euro, so you can calculate if i have to replace 5 batt 2 chargers.not possible. they are less then 1 year old consider i got this previous time also bad balancers. this chouldn happen.


I understand. Can you please submit a diagnostic report? Here are the instructions:

Again, jeremie had some great feedback that could help identify the problem. My recommendation is to Contact Us and speak with james to arrange something. We'll get to the bottom of this - I also suggest a smart lipo charger for your lab. You are a great ez-robot power user and will benefit from a smart lipo charger. In the meantime, Contact Us and arrange something with James.

I do need you to submit a diagnostic report please. Here are the instructions:


i have try to send that report but i get an error. pic is on the other topic from that. and again am not a big user,2 a 3 per week one charge. i did read the link how to send that report.


@Nomad, you might of mentioned it but what battery charger are you using to charge those batteries? Is it the ez robot charger from the store here or something you bought on eBay?



i bouth averything here ez


you wanna talk? or patrick.dierckx19

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the dianostic rapport chould be there now


i found a better way to messure the volt of the adaptors.

the adaptor says 12.00 volt ,i got one 12.26 v 2x 12.24 v

i always learn what the output says must be steaddy there.12.00 volt.

els it whould be undercharge or overcharge

bolt will kill the batt.i gess this happened the first time the balancers,chargers. where not good.but i had use them for a while before i notest something.

eather the first one kill the batts or the balancers or ( adaptors )now.


12.00v or 12.24 volts doesn't matter... .24 of a volt is nothing... What matters is if your charger fails to switch from fast charging to trickle charging. If it doesn't then it will overcharge the battery causing failure.....

Red Leds = fast charging...

Green Leds = finished charging/trickle charging



i have the old ones the blue


I guess it's time to update you battery chargers then... You spent a lot of money on these batteries and robots.... Buy the new charger so you won't damage any more batteries or robots.... Seriously nomad, the new charger is much better than the old one...


i allredy bouth 1 batt and 1 new charger here.

whats your annest opinion ,chould this be warrenty or not?

i can only by one at the time.the customs here has tripple the cost. for dilivery.

i got the batt and charger and balancer less then a year.


clock is tikking tik tok untill tomorow noon then i make some real video's. mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad


Oh goodie a show down at 12noon at the ok coral.... :D

Hmmm, is that EST time or MST where DJ lives? Or your time? :D



keep smiling,you will not smile when bad video's appear averywhere.


Patrick, I commend you on sticking up for yourself! However make sure you have all your ducks in a row before launching a smear campaign. Good luck Patrick!



i dont have many ducks or skils to defend myself. i get what you mean.



Patrick, please keep in mind that it is the weekend. DJ said to contact James on Monday and they'll figure something out for you. It is fairly clear your charger is bad, and may have ruined your batteries, but also keep in mind that batteries do wear out. About 1000 charge cycles for a LiPo, which from your description you haven't hit, so probably a problem with the charger.



how can i worn out a batt when i use the robot only 2 times a week. that makes me very mad to say all these thing over and over. few months ago i had 2 bad chargers or balancers,but nobody did, tell me to check al the batts.and thats the hole problem with the new chargers, i did gif them the final 52 and have sort of pension as income. this will cost me alot due the delivery cost is tripple now.

i lost my faith in ez product.


Hi again Patrick, as DJ and Alan have mentioned, it is the weekend and our customer service rep (James) is on days off.

It will really help him Troubleshoot if you can answer the questions I have posted.

A couple things that don't make sense are the voltage readings on your power adapters they should all be in the range of 11.8-12.2VDC since they are 12VDC power adapters.

How can all of your 6 batteries exhibit the same issues at the same time? There's obviously an issue somewhere, it could be a single power adapter as you mentioned we'll just need some accurate readings ~12VDC from your power adapters. Do you have 6 of them?

Is your voltmeter on the DC setting?

Remember that just because your multimeter does complete a 0 ohm short circuit test, doesn't mean that the battery is fresh. Keep an eye out for the battery symbol on the multimeter LCD, if it shows up the battery is low and can effect your voltage readings.

Thanks for your patience Patrick, we stand behind our products and will help you get this resolved tomorrow.


@Nomad.... we all know you like to tinker and take things apart and/or modify them.... It's not a bad thing we all do it including myself.... However, you have to understand IF you have altered (taken apart) those chargers in any way then EZ Robot is under no obligation to give you a warranty.... This goes for every electronic manufacturer not just ez robot....

No need to threaten just be patient and work this out with James.....



i never mod or taken apart the adaptors.where do you get these crazy ideas.


also again i got 12.24 volt two adaptors and one 12.28 volt.

frech batt from 2 months ago and stand in V--- on 20 no DC

these batt are bad from first bad chargers or balancers

the new ones i got gave them the final cant see the batt inside a robot.


i have 3 batts stil here ,the others are in the container for batts.


here a video from the 3 i still can clearly see the seal is broken, and they are puffy.also punctering optop from swelling in the chest.


Personally, I think threatening EZ with a smear campaign over batteries that they don't even manufacture is bad form.

Repeatedly discharging and charging a LiPo battery without giving it sufficient rest time in between is going to kill it eventually.


@nomad... You have to wonder why you have so many problems that the rest of us don't have.... Be patient and let ezb look into your issues.... I would also warn you about trashing ez robot... because you can't undo it if you "burn your bridges" here.... Right now it is only 7am where the ez robot office is... No one will be in the office for another few hours yet...


Zap Brannigan

i did gif the batts 30 min rest avery chould rea the hole topic ok.

United Kingdom

There really is no point in any further responses here until Nomad contact James to be perfectly honest.

EZ-Robot have been very accommodating so far with lots of good suggestions and requests for answers however it seems that is not cutting it and from the looks of things, rubbing the wrong way.

Nomad, I urge you to stop, read what both DJ and Jeremie have posted, contact James once they are open and see what they can do to rectify this. Threats will certainly not help your situation but will only rub those loyal EZ-Robot users the wrong way.

Be patient, be calm, go have a coffee, wait for EZ-Robot to open for the week and contact James as suggested. EZ-Robot will always do whatever they can to rectify any situation, you know this, we know this, a quick scan of the forums shows this.

However, if you want to wind up burning all of your bridges and finding yourself with no help and no leg to stand on feel free to continue with your pathetic threats.



dj allreddy said it no warrenty.atleast jeremie say something usefull.

and pathetic threats ,seeing you in the shower is pathetic.

you see things only from your side.look it from my side.

trying to explain how i got 6 bad may by 2 batts per order. thats 3 months before i can do anything.and sinds many getting involved. and make things more diff am gonna close this topic. mad mad mad

United Kingdom

Have you even spoken to James yet? Have you taken DJ's advice and purchased a high quality charger?

I see things clearly from both sides. I have absolutely no affiliation with EZ-Robot. What I do have though is respect for the community and for EZ-Robot.

Until you a) do what people advise you! and b) apologise for the attempted insults for no reason I am unable to offer any further help, guidance or advice.

Good luck with the smear campaign...


yes i bout new charger and bad.i made pics for jeremie . i wil by the batts myself,just want to be sure it dont happen again. apologise :D

read topic is closed



my appolegies to you for the words i said to you. there is no excuse to make it good. sometimes i act (mostly ) stupid, i was not going to do a smear campagne. just place a cartoon from the ok coral. this doesn mean all is fine.hope you except my appolegies.