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Ip Cam Connection And Integration To ARC

Hi, I am new to EZB but I read much about it and I think we can benefit a lot out the HW and SW tools available.

I would like to have access to wifi ip cams single and multiple if possible , integrate it to the EZB software and use cam functionalities with ezb. I already ordered the wifi module to be able to connect using wifi at home. Your help is appreciated.



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Yes and no.

To use the camera you will need to be able to see the camera as a device in Windows. There are programs out there which allow this but you'll need to google for them, I don't know any off the top of my head. It was a popular topic on ustream so there may be a good place to start.

However, it may be just a case of putting the IP address in the camera control video device box - I don't have one to check that but it wouldn't surprise me if DJ has put something in ARC to allow that.

If it's a pan/tilt camera you can also use those functions through ARC if the pan/tilt has an API. You can use the HTTPGet() function to send or receive information to/from the camera. You would need to know the API commands though. I recall seeing an old post about that somewhere on here, a search should bring it up.

Hope that's of some use:)

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Thanks Rich for your prompt response and support as always. Yes , I am using Foscam camera and it has its on web control. I have to digg to check the API functions and details. BR HH

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Take a look at this topic It also was the Foscam camera

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Thanks Rich it is really useful topic I will start with it and see how it goes . However, I still need to look for a tool to assign the ipcam to a virtual port that EZB can detect and utilize other features BR


If its a jpeg stream, you can paste the URL in the camera device and press enter.

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Thx DJ Will check it tomorrow


yes foscam will work,that is what i am using with the HTTPGet() function

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I always ask as I've seen many do it but you did change the IP:port to the IP address of the camera and correct port... i.e.

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yes I did and I used the proper pwd it works to stream with VLC Sure something i am doing wrong or there is an issue with ASF . @Pittom : can you send me your setup for the foscam . I am using foscam 8910W

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You need to use a jpg stream. Check the userguide for info on it, or wait for @pitcom to come on since he uses the same cam.

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probably yes. I will wait for @pittom and try to check in the meantime thx

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I did and not working If I use the browser . Snapshot is for jpeg. Videostream.cgi .... It does download a stream but does not show it as a video. Meaning it keeps downloading a file with no size limit.

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Same as videostream.cgi?



  1. Prepare your URL in NOTEPAD. You can load NOTEPAD from the Start Menu, or press Windows-Key R, and type NOTEPAD and press ENTER.

  2. Your URL will be one of the options from the webpage that I listed in my previous post. Swap out the PORT and IP ADDRESS with the camera's port and ip address. Also swap out the Username and Password with yours. For reference, webpage is here: http://www.ispyconnect.com/man.aspx?n=foscam

  3. Select the URL line of text with your mouse. When selected (highlighted), select Edit and choose Copy. Or, you can press CTRL C. Ctrl C is windows shortcut command for COPY SELECTED TEXT.

  4. At this point, we assume your URL is in the Windows Clipboard. The clipboard is a place that windows stores text that has been Copied or Cut.

Load ARC and press ADD CONTROL

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Select CAMERA Category and add CAMERA DEVICE

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Click the little DOWN ARROW next to VIDEO DEVICE

User-inserted image

A Drop down opens. And there will be a flashing cursor in the TEXT AREA

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  1. Press CTRL-V To paste in your clipboard text. CTRL-V is windows shortcut for paste.
  2. Press ENTER *Note: You must press CTRL-V, and then ENTER. The text must be visible that you had entered it. Once it's visible, press ENTER will submit the text.

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Your video will begin playing if the JPEG stream is valid. Otherwise, you will see an error message.

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@DJ i tried but does not work on my end,and when i try ezb locks up and won't let me exit or do anything have to use task manager to exit on both computers does it. EZB says i have the newest version

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Yes, same problem. I tried video.cgi,videostream.cgi,videostream.asf.....does not show anything and does you need to call task manager to exit EZ-b howver, snapshot.cgi does work and it shows the jpeg image which is a picture and not a video stream.


Again, ASF is not JPEG.

Feeding ASF file to ARC will lock it up because its a never ending file download. Only streaming JPEG is supported. Please Reread my precious post and follow the link to obtain jpeg links for your model.

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@dj: thank you for the detailed procedure. I did follow and tried all options. As i said, It did work For me on snapshot and not mpeg stream. Since it did not work also in IE web browser . I tried chrome ...it works. I tried from my other Mac machine the video streaming was also fine in safari. probably I need to install directshow ,filter or I have to fix something with my window 7 machine before configuring ez-b as it should be straight forward step. I will fix it up for sure ....i will have to work on the window machine later this week Thx for your support and follow up.


To clarify: JPEG stream is a stream of jpegs. ASF is a video stream.

If you're viewing a stream of video in your web browser, then it is not a JPEG. A JPEG stream is a stream of JPEGs. For example, in a JPEG Stream each frame is a separate JPEG. If the URL Link displays a single image in your web browser, then it is a JPEG. If the URL Link displays a moving video, then it is video.

A Jpeg is a single frame. A JPEG stream is a stream of jpegs.

Please follow the procedure that I posted earlier. Use the link that I had provided to get the URL for a JPEG for your camera. The URL must be a JPEG, and not an ASF. JPEG's are single frames, or single pictures. A JPEG Stream is a stream of jpegs.

Verify the URL you create displays a single JPEG in your web browser. If it displays a single JPEG, then it is a JPEG and can be added as a JPEG Stream. A JPEG stream is a stream of JPEGS.

You do not want to add a video link to the ARC Camera Control. If you add a video link, ARC will lock up.

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@DJ : As I said ealier , It is working using format http://IP:port/snapshot.cgi?user=XXX&pwd=YYYY to show a Jpeg picture.

I just noticed that the picture is updating but very slowly almost 1 f/s using the processed Video TAB, Realtime Video TAB gives black screen. I can see that there is adrawback, pictures update are very slow and not as accessing Bluetooth Camera or direct video streaming.

Thanks again for your support.


Real time video will only work for real time devices connected directly to your PC via USB

If the frame is updating only 1 per second, then decrease the resolution in the camera administration interface (not in ARC). What you are experiencing is a delay in network speed due to image size and processing CPU usage if the image is large.

Glad to hear you figured it out:)


@DJ thanks for taking the time to explain it better, now I understand

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Thank you all for your support. Really great and even using controllers and wii to control the it with the httpget command...looking forard to get my second kit. still showing "processing order".

I found an important file (link below) that can be useful for others who are interested in Foscam IPCAM SDK and Control.

Thx again.

Foscam File


Hi hi am out , did you ever get ARC to view the cam? I'm reading specs and it says that it is mpeg video format. I have this foscam on the way as well as a few other ip cameras to try out with ARC.

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Foscam cameras work, my TLCs are foscam clones and they work fine in ARC


Ah ok , good to know , I figured any ip cams would work as long as they didn't use compression that had to be decoded like the parrot drone cam feed.