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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Iotiny To PC USB Connectivity

I've sent this question into EZ Robot but thought I could get a faster answer here. Is the IoTiny able to connect to PC through the PC's USB port and the Camera port like the EZB v4 can?

I see this on EZ Robot's website but I don't see how to set up the IoTiny to drectly connect to the PC:


The EZ-B v4 Smart Robot Controller and IoTiny v4 may be configured for direct wired connection to a PC.

I've gone into the IoTiny's web server that I'm using and it doesn't have the settings in the advanced section to set this option like the EZB v4 /2 has. Is there a firmware update that would give it this feature?

If not, would anyone know which Arduino could I flash into a EZB that would be able to do this. I only need 3 digital ports and a direct connection to the PC. It has to be as small as possible. I don't have a lot of room. Not much more of a footprint than the IoTiny has. 

Any ideas are very welcome. 


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Update: I just upgraded the firmware on the IoTiny and I still don't see where I can set it up for direct connection on it's webserver. 

Like I mentioned above, per EZ Robot's website, the IoTiny can be set to direct connect. Is there a different way to do it on the IoTiny then a EZB? All I see on their manual to do this is setting up an EZB. 

Waiting on EZ Robot to answer these questions but nothing yet. Hopefully someone here has experience and advice? Thanks!
Ezrobot website is wrong. It’s been mentioned a few times on here as well. The iotiny doesn’t support usb connectivity. It lacks the hardware to do so
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Herr Ball, Yes, I have read that page. That's where I got the idea of connecting the IoTiny directly. According to DJ it sounds like it's not possible to connect the IoTiny through it's camera port. Sadly I spent the afternoon rewiring my robot thinking I could take advantage of this feature. Time and money waisted I guess.
Sorry to hear your hard work rewiring did not work out for you.  Do you have room for an Arduino Mega or Uno.  Not sure what your IoTiny is used for in your B9.  Just a thought.  I replaced my 2 IoTiny;s in my Inmoov head using a Mega.
Dave check this out. Pololu-1350 Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB servo Controller.   It may do what you want and works with ARC very well.  Plug and Play
Thanks everyone. I appreacheate the quick answer and suggestions. I believe I've solved this issue for the better. I just removed the IoTiny and repurposed the wires I originally had run for a direct connection to the PC into EZB signal wires. So now instead of a USB to TTL converter cable from the Rock Pi X to the IoTiny I have signal wires leading from an EZB Mounted in the main body of the robot (already connected directly to the PC) to the transistor boards operating as switches up in the brain. The end result is better and simpler control of the devices in the brain. 

My original intent was to get the IoTiny (up in the little brain pan of my B9's bubble) off of my home wifi and direct connect to the Rock Pi X mounted down in the main body of the robot through the robot's neck pipe. It's about a 4 foot run through a bobbing and twisting neck joint. The only wiring I originally had going through this joint was two power wires (positive and neg). Now I have an additional cable with 4 shielded wires. It just barely fits but I'm pretty sure there is still room and slack as not to bind and ware the cable when the neck moves. 

The IoTiny I removed from the brain was only switching a couple transistor boards I had built to switch two light effects and a motor that runs the finger lights mounted just below the brain in the bubble. It was very cramped up there. I only really needed 3 signal wires and a ground coming from the IoTiny to operate the light effects and the motor's transistor switches. The USB to TTL converter cable I had installed yesterday gave me the needed wires so I just cut off the USB converter end and did a little more rewiring on both ends. Now I have a simpler and more direct control system with one less EZB connection to maintain. 

Thanks again for all the help and ideas.
Nice Dave.  Glad you go it working.  Hopefully we'll get a video of your B9 with the newly install SBC.
Yes, I've been thinking I need to do a new video of this direct connected SBC update.

It's a huge difference in the way the control system connects and operates with ARC on a lowered powered SBC. I went from a remote high powered laptop commutating over my home wifi network to separate EZB's in the robot to a small onboard Rock Pi X SBC ,operating headless, that are directly connected to the EZB's.  

I still haven't been able to do a full load system check on the little Rock Pi x. The interface between the Rock Pi and ARC is absolutely much slower then when operated from the laptop. I'm interested if there will now be a lag in commanding the EZB's from the Rock Pi running ARC with a lot of scripts running lots of lights, servos and motors. So far the limited amount of commands I've ran has not seemed to be any slower to respond. When I get the robot's arms mounted, plugged in and running this will tell me.
I'll get on changing the mention of the IoTiny over USB on the EZ-Robot website. Thanks for pointing that out.
Hey jer - if you’re updating that page it might be good to add the type of connector for people to source. 6 pin 2mm jst-ph connector. And also update the image to make it a little easier to understand for wiring. I made the original image on there years ago and didn’t do a good job explaining the wiring lol
Thanks Jer for all you do. EZ Robot still is the best out there.
Thank you, Dave, I really appreciate it!

I can't wait to release some of the stuff we've been working on! We used to tease new products much too early, I fear now we are going too far the other way:D 

More stuff is in the hopper, it's just a matter of time for it to be available!
That's so cool! If this stuff is anything like our other offerings (like those HD servos) they will be groundbreaking. I'm looking forward to seeing what pops up.