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Intel. Behind In The Times

Here's another example of how EZ-Robot is way ahead of even the big guys!

I was sent this video the other day. The guy who sent it to me was super excited about it! Said it's amazing how advanced Intel is. So, I watched the video and couldn't help but shake my head. Well of course, if Intel posts a video and says "this is the future", everyone will care. Meanwhile our little company actually makes this very basic feature possible to anyone using our product:). It's pretty amazing when you observe how behind the times large corporations are with tech, compared to EZ-Robot.

In this example, we have had Myo integration in our consumer platform since December 2014 - and Intel is just getting around to demoing it with non-consumer implementations today.

So, let's see... To get a Myo (or any of our gesture supported devices) working with an EZ-Robot takes 3 mouse clicks in ARC. And here's a video with glorified Intel CEO showing custom 3D printed hexapods with custom code and custom robot-controllers (aka a non-reproducible build) as if it's the most amazing thing ever. EZ-Robot has made stuff like this easy and accessible to anyone.

Anyone who has spent a few minutes in the EZ-Robot Community Favorites will see astounding robotics, built by everyday people in their garages and kitchen tables. The future is arriving quickly, and large heavy corporations aren't moving fast enough to keep up. There are a dozen of little companies similar to EZ-Robot who are helping people do amazing things - which will define our future, not these corporations.

There may be a lot of robots out there, each built with custom hardware - however, there are more EZ-Robots than anything else. Now that is something we should all be proud of. To put this in perspective, other companies have 1 or 2 robots products - because EZ-Robot empowers anyone to build custom robots, we have over 10,000 and that number is growing daily.

One of these videos demonstrates more capabilities than the other... You be the judge

Intel's Video

EZ-Robot's Video

Edit: A few hours after this post, Nomad created this video. EZ-Robot is pretty amazing:)

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I agree DJ, a "smaller" company like yours is much more responsive and in touch with what consumers are doing. You should make a video controlling a Six with the MYO doing the same gestures - just to show them how EZ that is with the EZ Robot OS.


what the man does in the video ,is this possible whit six?

offcourse he can,

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Its true EZ-Robot is totally changing (and in my opinion is also leading ) the world of robotics - I have been here from nearly the start and it is hard to believe the amazing pace of development this product has, great new features are added almost weekly and the brilliant v4 what a beautiful piece of design and engineering!

All this is thanks to the highly successful Canadian entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor DJ Sures and his team. I for one really appreciate all your hard work.



Intel and EZ Robot make two totally different products... Intel makes money for their share holders, DJ Sures makes robots for his.... Passion makes a better product than money does....


I have wanted to build a robot in one form or another as a hobby for 30+ years. But the tech has never been there for mere mortals:). I gave up on electronics as a hobby a long time ago mostly because everything was disposable and not "tinker friendly" . I really appreciate the passion and community here. It's making electronics fun again. Thanks to all of you at EZ-robots! blush


Thanks everyone:) now it's time to tell the world!


Absolute rubbish. That is the biggest grandstanding I've seen in a long time.

@dj, I'm about too...

@tony, absolutely correct. It's the reason I've been here since I found out about the EZB. And certainly the reason my product will be using it in the demo. Certainly other choices but I'm pushing for the EzB onboard in the video for kickstarter.


Interesting! You have all our attention:D I'm curious as a cat to know what you're up to

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DJ, so am I!

It sounds like Will has an awesome concept here, I just hope we do not have to wait too long to see it! I am really looking forward to seeing the Kickstarter project and if its cool, I will back it.



I got really behind toward the end of last year, with a monumental move out of California to Oregon, and work on two films at the same time.

I had hope to released the campaign by now. I'm building the new shop where the kickstarter video will be filmed. So several more weeks to come. But I will release some teaser pics in the coming weeks.

I'm like you, I get super excited and want to spill the beans. I keep telling myself... Soon.


I cant wait either Will. What he is making is a ... Just kidding:)

Will is a very talented person. His work in the film industry transfers well to robotics. I have seen what he is making because of his interest in using EZ-AI with it. I was blown away by his talent. I wish I had a fraction of his abilities in these areas. I might also add that after spending a couple of hours talking to him I am also impressed by him as an individual. I cant wait until this is presented.

I also have to say that there is a reason that I am here. It isnt just the superior hardware, but ARC and the SDK are both top notch and I enjoy programming again. What EZ-Robot has created is something that not only allows people to learn about robotics, but then use those tools to make some incredible robots. The commitment that I have seen from DJ and his team is amazing. When a request comes in for a new thing, it normally isn't long before that new thing is implemented.

From a harware perspective, the controller is amazing. The ability to interface to other controllers via serial connections is even more amazing. It opens up possibilities that are mind blowing. This truly is a platform that allow every level of builder to have what they need. That is mind blowing and shows the amazing visionary insight that EZ-Robot has. Thank you DJ and Team!


Thank you David! Very kind words. And like you I am blown away with what you are producing. EZ-AI, just came out of no where and it's do overwhelmingly cool.. You have added a completely new dimension to my project! Keep up the amazing work!

@dj, you have continued to improve your incredible device and software that will lead us into the future of modern robotics.

Now where's that flying car I read about in Omni magazine in the 70s?!