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Asked — Edited

I'm Out

Guys and Gals , I'm out.
I do not belong to this community.

I will return when I am an EZ Robot owner.

Sorry to here that , on the bright side my six robot and 2 dev kits arrive tommorow by dhl! Woohoo!
I assume this means you'll be taking your ball a going home? It's your call, but it's too bad as you were really contributing to the forum here...
sorry to hear yourre going *tired* :(
Did something make you mad? You seem like a neat person with a neat background and neat ideas. I hope you'll return and share more of your work with the community.
Well I think you belong to this community.
I loved your small mini Arduino board idea so much I purchased 3 of them.
I was building a circuit on a stand alone board and was paying a lot more and time doing it.
I for one sure hope you return.
I need a Arduino guy to discuss my ideas with:)
I look forward to your return. you are a really sharp guy. Until then, take care.