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I Shall Call Him, Mini Me.

How much!

Youtube video of the mini ezb up now!

On a tablet cant add link. Sorry


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Here's the video for those interested:)

Of course we're interested !!!!
And.... it is AMAZING ! I like it. I want it !
It's in the testing phase now - hopefully that'll be done soon. Next is manufacturing. Then you'll see it on the new store:D

Oh yeah, new store coming soon too
You're killing me smalls!

Any hint to price? Also, any hints on any ez bits coming up.
thats fantastic DJ , the smaller bots like dogs and stuff can use this
Wall-e says " i've got place for this one !!! "
So. No heat sink. How does that work?
Perfect :-D, It would fit better in my new robot head. When will it be available?
And if you have two EZ-B could one of them act as a "slave" card?:D