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I Hook Up To My New Ezb Camera And The Light Comes On, But It Does Not Show A Pi

It does not show a picture in ARC. Do any of you have any ideas? I am in the client mode. All I get is a Black Screen.


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Do you have the correct IP address for the camera? Have you pressed Start?

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Click in the box I have highlighted red, the long one with EZB:// in it. Manually change this to EZB:// and then your EZ-Bs IP address. Click Start.


It doesn't see the cameras Ip address. and I can only connect to the devices listed. I cannot see a place to change the ip address.

Also, while I have you, do you know if there is anyway to Minimize the screen in ARC. I have to close the program when i would like to just make it little so I can use something else and come back.


I looked at the tutorial and it seems it is made for the OTHER old camera instead of the EZB4 camera.

Also, I am assuming that this new camera is wi-fi and not bluetooth. Maybe that is my problem.

could you confirm that it is wi-fi.

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Manually type the IP in the box. Don't forget to start it with EZB://

The new camera transmits through the WiFi


Hey Mel I have the same problem. I am assuming you saved your project. And you say you are in client mode. Problem is you may have been assigned a different ip address this time you booted up the controller. So what I have done is had to close out the whole camera control, and re-add it. To see what I mean do a scan to get ip address for ezb4 to connect. Then look at camera control ip address, Ill bet its different. I'm not sure how to get around this until I can assign a fixed ip address in my router.


so, are you saying after it finds the EZB 4, let it continue to scan?


@Mel... For the love of Pete.... Just listen to what Rich is telling you and try your best not to go off on one of your overcomplicated "fix it" tangents....:)


Ok, here is what I am doing.

I am hooking up my camera to the EZB4 which is in the client mode. I then connect to power 7.2volts. The EZB 4 then tells me it successfully connected to the network. The Blue light on the camera is solid. I then start ARC. I do a scan. If finds EZB4 ONLY. I look for the camera in the devices in ARC. The ONLY devices that show up are the EZB4 and other web cams I have attached. No IP address for the IP camera.

That is where I am.


ok. select from drop down menu in camera list and see what ip is to the right of it.

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User-inserted image

Click in the box I have highlighted red, the long one with EZB:// in it. Manually change this to your EZ-Bs IP address. Click Start.

Have you done that?

Before you ask any further questions or think about anything else try the above.

Do not over complicate this simple procedure.


The ip address that is listed to the right of the camera device has to be the same as the ezb4 address, the one you scan for in the initial power up of ezb4 controller


Thank ALL of you.

I was doing the procedure correctly except for ONE little thing. I was giving the IP address a "" instead of a"/".

Working now like a charm.

Thanks again.

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See how easy it is if you don't over complicate things?..

14 posts (15 including this one) yet the actual solution was in post #2 (despite credit for the solution going to a different post from the looks of things...)


Yes Rich, but, I want you to know that I am really trying hard. My brain is simply wired that way since my stroke and it is getting worse the older I get. But, I still try. I have absolutely no control over the MONSTER that has taken over my Brain. sorry.


Don't worry Mel, we'll get ya through this. As long as Rich & Richard are willing to stick around and help I don't think many of us will float off with the tide. I understand your frustration. I have special needs also; most of the time I think I know better then everyone else and end up doing something completely stupid. However I don't have an excuse like a stroke. I'm just hard headed and think every fix is more complex then it really is. When something happenes I cant figure out I have to keep telling myself to "just start at the beginning". :P

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My point was, don't think, just follow instructions in the order given and 9 times out of 10 it'll solve the issue. I didn't mean anything in a negative way.


@Dave... As Rich would say... Don't sell yourself short... I have learned a lot from you as well... You are well spoken, articulated and I am slightly envious of your fabrication skills... ;) A couple of things Rich said "way" back gave me an eureka moment and from then on I just understood how ARC worked... I think that Rich made me work for something (instead of just giving me the answer) and that made all the difference...

To avoid a group hug, I will leave it here....:D


@Dave, Mel has a habit of listing his woes and medical issues in every other post ... I am not sure if it is to elicit sympathy or whatever... I have to say it has desensitized me to feeling sorry for him anymore. Still I am sorry he has issues, but some of the bad decisions he makes have nothing to do with any medical problems...

@Mel... Dude no more being a martyr, ok?... So lets share ideas and build some bots. That's why we're here....