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How To Open Your ARC Project When Windows 10 Boots Up

Hello all,

Back in the day someone show me how to open your ARC project when your pc booted up.  Does anyone remember how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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#1   — Edited
I'm still learning windows 10.  I googled the information needed and found out how to start your ARC project on booting up your PC.  Sorry I should have researched Google first before posting my question.

Here is the way to make your ARC project start on boot up..

What is the startup process for Windows 10?
Right-click on the Start button and then click on Run in the menu that appears. 2. Type shell:startup in the Run Command window and click on OK. 3. Once you are in the Startup Folder, locate the ARC Project that you want to add to Windows 10 startup and simply drag or copy and paste the program and it into the Startup Folder.


I'm still learning. I don't focus like I used to plus I skip around a lot too.

Before you use the EZ-load Creator. Add a script in your project, then name it Auto connect or whatever you want the name to be. Then add these script codes.


# Auto Connect/Reconnect Script
# Version: 1.0
# Start Init Script
#ControlCommand("Init", ScriptStart)
# Check if EZBs are connected
IF (IsConnected(0) = true)
IF (isconnected(0) =False)
ControlCommand("Connection", Connect0)
IF (IsConnected(1) = true)
IF (isconnected(1) =False)
ControlCommand("Connection", Connect1)
IF (IsConnected(2) = true)
IF (isconnected(2) =False)
ControlCommand("Connection", Connect2)
IF (IsConnected(3) = true)
IF (isconnected(3) =False)
ControlCommand("Connection", Connect3)
#Return to the start
Save your script. 

Then use ARC's "EZ-Load creator" to automatically connect all your connection boards of your project when you bootup you PC or SBC . Follow the EZ-Load Creator and create a short cut.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Then copy and paste your ARC short cut you created in the shell:startup folder. When your PC or SBC boots up your ARC project will start and automatically connect your connection board automatically.
#3   — Edited
Just to expand, 
In that start up script you mentioned that will run when ARC is started and auto connect your boards you can also add many more commands that will set up your robot properly. For example, you can set servo min and max limits, servo start position and speeds, start up serial ports and set and run other devices like homing an encoder, start or pause voice recognition skills. It's also a good place to add a nice little start animation or voice clips.
You all are absolutely right Dave!  It has a lot abilities especially after DJ remodel it and publish it on the manual.  Thank you DJ.  

Cheers to both of you!