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How To Move Servo With Touch Screen Device?

Wow you are just knocking it out of the park DJ!!!  I made a 16:1 gearbox and it seems to be fast and strong enough I am still make a jig to test if it can handle the weight of the Inmoov arm.  I love all the control this skill provides when it comes to controlling the movement.

Have to ask again any way to get those new slider controls for us guys touch pads or iPad type devices?

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DJ & Smiller, we have moved your conversation here because it did not belong in the Stepper Motor robot skill. The question was not regarding the stepper motor robot skill, so we created this new thread.
Can you please create slider controls that are a standard size with Min <------O------>Max because the current controls do not do this.  you may have to swipe many times to get the full range of motion of the servo.  The current controls probably work great using a mouse but they are a pain to use with a touch pad device.   One thing that would improve the current controls would be to make the bar be from min to max where a single swipe could be preformed.

If you need more detail please ask your questions.
Thank you. I guess I can create my own set of controls but what I was asking for was to enhance the vertical and horizontal servo controls skills.