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How Do I Connect Servos To The EZ-B?

Yes, I know you plug them into the various ports, but... then what? I'm working my way through the online tutorials with my developer kit (which is proving to be all kinds of strange, since everything I've seen so far revolves around using specific robots like JD and Adventurebot, preventing me from actively following along with what they're doing), and I'm now at the RoboScratch tutorial, but the MOVE command isn't doing anything. I can get the EZ-B to speak like the tutorial says, but the continuous servos I have attached to ports 0 and 1 aren't doing anything.

So yes, pardon this stupid question here, but I'm seriously stumped. How do I get my servos to connect to the EZ-B?

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Make sure you have set the ports in your servo control in ARC or ARC to the ports you have your servos attached to. 

Moving a servo is one of the most basic things you need to learn. Once you get a servo moving you will be able to do most things you need to do to make your robot work.
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Thank you, DJ, that was the help I needed.*cool*

Going slightly off topic here. I know I'm talking to seasoned veterans here, and I CANNOT be thankful ENOUGH for that, but was anyone else feeling as disoriented about these tutorials as I am when they were first starting out?  I mentioned that I'm working with a developer kit, and when the time came to learn about ARC, all I could do was sit back and watch since it was showing off how to use a robot that I didn't have. I was expecting this video course to show us how to configure the servos to what ports to make the programming demonstration work, but that didn't happen. Yes, the instructions of how to do that were written down in the text portion of the course, but since it was under LEARN MORE BY CLICKING HERE, that read to me like that was going to be supplemental material, not something that NEEDED to be read to make the robot function.  And the ARC intro is listed as episode 006 of The Robot Program, then we immediately jump over to AdventureBot and HDD servoes which is 072 instead of 007, huh? Did I miss something?

Sorry for being as lost as I am. I'm working on making these horns a little less green...