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How To Cut The Port Power After Completed The Action


I have a problem about the servo, it is easy to burn out after completed the command. It is because the last position keep holding. Then, the servo overheat and out of service.

So, anyone can tech me that how to write the script to cut the port power until the next command order? Or Just use the "servo release" to fix it? Or other methods can improve that?

Thanks for your attention! Ricky Ma ;)


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Servo Release is the method to cut power to a servo. However, unless your servos are under strain, simply holding position should not be damaging them.



Or add the servo release commands to the action stop script. Every time an action stops, it runs the script. servo release makes more sense.

What servos are you burning out on the inmoov? Have you poked Bob or Richard about what servos they use?


Hi DJ & Alan,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion!

Hi DJ,

Would you write the script example for my reference? The servo is mainly to use to the robotic mouth and sound servo mode. But, I don't know how it is easy to burn out ( the servo life is very short). Maybe, the servo from back to center position on the wrong angle or keep holding. Therefore, I think to use script to stop the power on the port until the next command!

Besides, I'm not making the inmoov. I just make my own robotic! Pls. see the attached photo for sharing! ;)

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B. Regards Ricky Ma :)


Hello Ricky Ma,

Nice Job with your Robot design !

I just want to ask is the servo you are using able to handle the voltage supplied? A 5 volt servo on a higher voltage (7.2 or higher ? ) will have a shortened life.




Hi Ron,

Thanks for reply!

I use the servo is between 4.8-7.6 voltage. So, I'm not sure the damaged reason!

Regards Ricky Ma


@ ricky Make sure that the servo isn't defined or bring controlled in 2 places. I know some people building the Inmoov robot had this same problem (burning out the jaw servo). For example, make sure that the servo is not in an Auto Position frame and being controlled with the Sound servo or Talk servo controls. You may want it to be only controlled by the Sound servo Control.


Or - if the servo is in the Auto Position, use the -1 in the Auto Position on frames where you never expect the robot to be talking.

As for the "Script", here is an example to release a servo:


The script can be added as mentioned - to the Auto Position Stop script.


Use the Auto Release, as mentioned as well.


DJ, I have a question about that -1 use int he auto position. When you select that, its really suppose to skip over that servo completely? and causes that servo to not move for only that frame?


Yes. The -1 means "skip this servo for this frame". And a 0 means "release the servo during this frame". Here's the documentation for the Auto Position, which can also be accessed by pressing the ? question mark:


  • In a frame, the position of a servo is between 1 and 180 degrees.

  • If the value of 0 (zero) is specified in a frame, this releases the servo from holding a position. The value of 0 tells the servo to stop holding a position and will become limp. You will notice the value of zero being specified on some robots where a servo is not needed within a frame, or when using Continuous Rotation Servos. Setting the value of a 0 (release) on a Continuous Rotation servo will cause the servo to stop rotating.

  • The servo value of -1 skips the servo for the frame. If a value of -1 is specified for a servo in a frame, the position of that servo is maintained and nothing is changed.


Hi DJ,

Sorry that I leave my message over here because I don't know where I can discuss with you :)

I want to learn more your AI product and programme to improve my Robot! May I have an opportunity to visit you at your Calgary office between 21st July to 26th July, 2017?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hey Ricky, i removed your email address so it is not public. As i suspect you're not going to want spam :D

Can you send a message using Contact Us form? I'll let Andres know to expect your message and he will collect your itinerary details


Hi DJ,

I got the reply from Andres this morning! But I think he misunderstood my message that is not clear.

Below link is his replied email for your reference: User-inserted image

I'm not easy to have this chance to Calgary from Hong Kong! So, I hope to have opportunity to meet you DJ! Would you please ask Andres to arrange?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

B. Regards Ricky Ma :)


Hey Ricky - look what we got! Great book you've written. Surprising to see how much effort went into making the robot. Thank you for documenting the process and mentioning our platform :D

User-inserted image


Ricky Mah, That's an over the top female robot you made. I've watched a number of your news coverage videos and am very impressed. Good for you to get such attention. You certainly deserve it. Nice work! Shen really looks and acts like she's a real woman.