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Hong Kong
Asked — Edited

How Many Ez Robots Can Be Connected To The Ez Builder At The Same Time?

Hello everyone!

I am wondering what is maximum number of robots connected to the ez builder at the same time?

I tried to look for the answer in the learn sections, but didn't find one.




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Thought you were joking about the 256, until I remembered that you have that many addresses available.
Actually I miss-spoke, it is 254 not 256.

Only one can have a movement panel, and there are a handful of other limitations, but yeah, the software supports adding 249 additional connections using the "EZ-B Connections +" control.

Obviously they need to be in client mode so they are all on the same network, although they don't technically all need to be in the same subnet.


The limit when using the ARC/Project is 5.

ARC tracks EZBs from 0 to 4 (Connection Panel) and the value is validated when used in a script command.

Like alan said, there are some limitations:

only one Movement Panel and needs to be on EZB 0

Some commands allow a parameter boardindex


ReleaseAll ( [boardIndex] )

other commands mention a parameter ezb Index


SayEZB( text to speech, [ezb index] )

and other commands allow to combine board "." port


ServoSpeed(1.2, 1)
Servo(1.2, 125)

via SDK there is no limit, you can create multiple EZB instances.


The limit when using the ARC/Project is 5.

No, it isn't. See the "ARC Connection +" object. You can add another 249 connections from it in one project).

I believe the practical limitation would be dependent on the rate of network traffic going to the robots. Even 1 robot can put a heck of a lot of traffic on the network if sleep instructions are not used in loops. Also, I think the video signal from the cameras goes across the same network. Another source of high traffic. Additionally, placing robots on directly adjacent Address slots can lead to some interference one to another. So it's often a good idea to space them more than one address number apart. Finally, none of that includes whatever else may be connected to that same network at any given time. That includes your internet connection.

You are right... I didn't know about that control.

i just checked, i added more connections and the limit is 260 (0..259)

User-inserted image

It's good to know... Is insane no one can't complain now !

Let's wait for the first project with 260 EZBs !
I guess with 260 they will need to be on different subnets.

you will need to setup a bigger private network


Some examples: = (65536 - 2) hosts

or if you want to go BIG! = (16,777,216 - 2) hosts

but other issues will surface, router support, wifi congestion...

if someone creates a project like that deserves a prize no ?
Hong Kong
Hi @Alan
(Sorry for not knwoing your username. It's kind of confusing):P

Why only one can have the movement panel?

I was wondering why is the number 249 or 256?
Are these numbers the restrictions set by the ARC?

Also @ptp
I think what you said was just for the case that everything is under one private network.

What if all the ezbs are in client mode with different network?
Say I have one ARC installed in one PC, and I want it to remotely connect with ezbs from outside.

Thus, I believe the restrictions are only from the ARC itself, the system where the ARC is running, and the bandwidth of it.


You can have:

1) Multiple ARC's instances running on the same machine.

2) 260 x EZB controllers per ARC's project

3) Each EZB controller (Client Mode) on a different network, as long as both ends ARC and the EZB are able to communicate.