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I graduated with an Associates degree in Electronics Engineering in 2011. My capstone project was a wheeled robotic base, which the staff now has on display at the school.


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Color Tracking And Sonar

Color Tracking And Sonar

Hi all, Im making a small robot to run a maze and find a small red ball. I have sonar and the camera mounted next to it. The sonar works fine, but the color tracking does...

Servo Lever And Backs

Is there a way to order just the servo levers and backs for the servos that came with the developers kit. I dont have a 3d printer and have requested part costs from the 3d community before with no response. Any help would be appreciated.

Putting A Stop In Continuous Servo

Is there a way to put the stop back in a continuous servo so it can be used as a rotation servo?

Camera Stopped Working

I bought a developers kit and built a Boxbot out of acrylic, everything ran fine (Dates are 1/1/2016 to 1/10/2016), until 1/10/2016, the camera will not power up. I tried reseating the cards and both ends of the cable. I dont even get the blue power light on the camera, everything else works fine. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


Hi guys, Just a quick look at my first attempt, I call him Chuckbot. He still needs arms but he runs great. I have him geared up with voice recognition, joystick and collision avoidance. His shell is made...

Developers Kit

Hi all, Just got my developers kit and cant wait to start building. Im going simple at first, then grow from there. Will keep you posted on my projects.


Is there a way to get the manual in print form, there are times I would like to read it when Im not around the computer
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