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Before an electrical engineer. Now a system engineer. Keep focusing on robotics. Changing the world by robotics.


  • 2016-05-19 - joined Synthiam
  • 2016-05-23 - connected ARC to the cloud
  • 2016-06-22 - created first new question
  • 2016-09-25 - shared your first photo in the forum

Latest submissions

The Question Happened While Creating My Second Plug-In

The Question Happened While Creating My Second Plug-In

Hello everyone. I am kind of frustrated because of this problem. So please forgive me if it turns out to be a...
How Many Ez Robots Can Be Connected To The Ez Builder At The Same Time?

How Many Ez Robots Can Be Connected To The Ez Builder At The Same Time?

Hello everyone! I am wondering what is maximum number of robots connected to...

Connect To My Cloud And Use The Virtual Machine?

Hello, the intelligent and friendly people in the forum! Based on my understanding, Most of processing of ez-robot is going on in PC rather than the ezb v4 itself, such as voice recognition... The ezb is more like a controller which can receive the instructions sent from the PC, providing feedback and then understand and execute those instructions....

Errors Generated In Debugging

Hello! All the smart and friendly people in the forum. I have encountered two errors while debugging the SDK tutorials, and I am looking for help here. :D First of all, I have read the README - INSTALLATION!.txt. Then I loaded Robot - Remote controll project and (according to my understanding) did whatever the readme file told me to do. There were...

Servo And Sound Being Stuck(Or Slow Reaction)

Hello everyone. Why my roli gets stuck while making an action or speaking out words? This issue seems random. For example, when I instruct my roli to do "clap" action again and again in ez-builder, the robot may finish the action very slow one time, but normally the other time. I suspect this problem may be caused by the connection issue....

Question: Using Dht11 Humidity & Temperature Sensor

Hello everyone, I am a newbie in this community, and just joined in the last month. It is a honor to start a conversation here in the forum. ;) ;) ;) Currently, I am trying to integrate DHT11 into my robot. I am not very sure about how to apply this single-wire two-way serial interface with ezb v4. Could everyone please share his/her knowledge...

Gas Sensor Used With Ezb V4

Hello everyone, :) :) I am considering using sensors which can show the quality of air, like detecting any toxic gas. Does any one have any recommendation? I have two requirements: 1. Use ADC ports. 2. Decent performance. Right now, I am applying MQ135 sesnor, which does not impress me much, with its poor performance. Also any tips about using a...
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