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How Does Sound Movement Work

I tried to find a tutorial on it, but I couldn't. Maybe it is so simple it needs no explaination.

I am thinking that I would like for the robot to turn his head and face the direction of the sound and also his body to do the same.

Is this the command that I would use to do this, and how?

OK, I found it in the EZ-B Manual. But, I need more info on HOW to do this. Do you have a tutorial on how to do this. I just want the body and head to face the sound. It cannot be my main Movement Panel because I am using the roomba panel for movement and navigation. Are there any Example Scripts on this?



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Yes, I'd be interested in this also. I wonder if you need more then one mic installed. I'm sure you would have to have them mounted on the robot.


Yep! you are going to need at least two mics.


Doesn't ANYONE know the answer to this?

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Sound movement as in sound servo? If this is what you are referring to it basically picks up sound from the PC (mic, windows sounds etc.) and depending on the volume varies the PWM of the port, I use this for my robot's mouth light to simulate speaking.

If you are on about wanting the robot to move to follow sound then more than 1 sound sensor will be required and a script to determine what to do, so for instance if the left sensor reports louder than the right then turn left, if right is louder than left then turn right, if both are equal (or very similar) move forwards.

Unless there is a new feature I am not aware of (I am running a couple of updates behind).

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Scrap that, just updated and found it.

I can only assume that it is based on the use of stereo mics (or 2 mics) plugged in to the PC as there is nowhere to set the EZB ports. Windows would determine which side is which and ARC will use that and the config settings to determine if it needs to run the left script or right script. Although this is all assumption and needs confirming by DJ.


It's a movement control. With two mics, the control will move toward the sound.

What you're asking for is a servo control that responds to audio levels between two mics? Neat! Ill do it


Alright! Duh! you are talking about the robot's mouth moving with the words. That we all need. I was talking about the robot listening and following the sound. You are on one side of the fence and I am on the other. I understand now. And, D.J. understood what I was talking about. Now it is clear in my mind.



MovieMaker, there are already multiple sound controls...

  1. moves servos based on the volume of the sound

  2. controls a Movement Panel to mvoe the robot toward the direction of the sound using stereo microphones

Now what you are asking for is a new control that...

  1. will move a servo from left or right toward the sound with a microphone

I understand, it will be in the next release