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How Can I Use Multiple Modified Servos?

I have two kits

I am trying to run all four continuous servos

Only can get two to run


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You will need to be more specific. Are you using a modified servo movement panel?


also my wheels will not stay on the servos


You will need to use a long screw or a dab of hot glue to keep your wheels on the servos. While building a robot, there will be plenty of creative solutions to exercise your mind. :)

There is no native support for more than 1 modified servo per side.

As you are trying to do something custom, you'll need to dab into EZ-Script.

Use this example to demonstrate how it can be done: EZScript-Examples-MultipleModifiedMovementServos.EZB

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My Test Bot runs 4 continuous servos. See the attached project for another example using a different method.



Thank you so much for your help folks


Oh smart Rich! Good idea to use the custom movement panel. I never thought of that. That's probably a better way than mine!


Also you could use a rc servo Y adapter on each side so two continuous servos get the same signal from one digital pin. Its basically paralleling and you can make your own Y cable with a piece of heat shrink and a bit of solder from two servo ext cables. ;)

Of course I'm assuming you still want to use the basic right and left skid steering and forward/ reverse most robots use - Josh S