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History Of Ez-Robot?

As a newcomer, I have found the community, DJ and staff, and the general atmosphere presented by the website to be very, very positive. I'd like to know more about the history of the EZ-Robot and its accomplishments in order to fully appreciate efforts put forth by DJ and the staff. Is there much interest in the community in seeing a link provided to a page with a bit of history?

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I'm pleased to hear that you having a great and positive expeariance so far (it only gets better). This really is a great company and community. I joined about 15 months ago now and I love being apart of it.

In regards to your question, below is a link that tell you about the team, DJ himself, and other interesting info. Is this what you were referring to? You might enjoy reading if you haven't done so already.

Getting to know EZ-Robot


OMG, Steve, I can't believe I missed that link - just what I wanted. THANKS!

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Lol, no worries. I forgot about DJ's video. Well worth watching.

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The EZ-Robot community has a huge part in the history of EZ-Robot also. There have been times it's gone totally unmoderated and problems have been few and far between.

There will also be a few videos from members knocking about which introduces them and gives a little insight into the community. I don't know who else was asked other than myself, Josh and Anthony. Mine is on youtube but hidden and I'm not at home so can't find the link but will do when I get chance... For the life of me I can't remember what I was talking about but it was a bunch of questions EZ-Robot asked or something like that... (early warning, mine may contain some colourful language).


Cool. Classic and classy. Good times. Do you ever have the time to use that skateboard anymore sitting next to Omnibot? I always suspected you were one of thouse guys ;)


video is great,says so much about ez evolution.


...i miss those basement videos, especially the out takes!


These are "some" of the videos I watched and more discovering EZ Robot (late 2012), including the IRobot hack which sold me! I can not believe how quickly things have advanced! So happy to a have found EZ Robot, and a great community! Steve S ;)


I have never seen this video before.... @DJ ... man you are so young there LOL.... And wow.... you and ez robot have come a long way since then.... Soon you'll be able to buy a small island in the Bahamas, furnish it with SeaDoos and retire.....:D

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What on earth are "SeaDoos? confused:P

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SWEET. Nice toy indeed. I see what you mean now, lol.